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Description: Crawford Notch State Park - Frankenstein Trestle along the Maine Central Railroad in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. Unauthorized use of any image is considered copyright infringement and is a violation of Federal Copyright Laws.
Has anyone built the J V Models Curved Trestle Kit that has been advertised in all the magazines lately?
The Heljan HO plastic kit can make a pretty nice trestle about 26" long and, I think, 12" high (I had to cut mine down to fit.) It may not be good enough for some rivet-counters (but you could add rivets).
James,I've used the aforementioned Heljan trestle kit to simulate a long, low trestle on 3 different layouts.
There may be a few actual curved RR trestles in the US these days, but if so they're all less than ~20 years old; that was when the highway people got comfortable enough with the engineering to start using that sort of "continuous bridge". The Heljan trestle kit 174 says it can be built curved, but looking the parts over, particularly the top (which supports track) looks impossible.

Since 1995 the Conway Scenic Railroad, which provides passenger excursion trains has been using the track.
I am thinking about ordering one, and was wondering if anyone has experience with this kit or any of the other kits they make. It comes with a pile of stripwood and instructions for building a curved trestle for radius' of 18" thru 36". If you look at the photos I posted and the link you may see that each section has 4 cross members with 3 stringers on each side. I want to build a "negative" scenery area of bench work, to be able to use a large trestle and need what ever kit I am going to use, so I can figure out the dimensions of the area. On the other I kitbashed it into a curved trestle and only used about half the bents in addition to making it shorter to fit my location.
I think I trimmed the stringers on the longer ends to allow the "deck" pieces to be placed under the curved track (see photo).

I was thinking a scratch-built wooden trestle-style and I only have 4" of height to deal with, but have no idea where to get templates or pictures of existing ones. I think I will make the trestle about 14" high and about 28" long, but I am not sure how wide the scenery base will need to be.
Hope this helps.I'm guessing that a 12" base is at least the measurement you would need to keep clear for a base area. The final trestle is very strong (it has survived 3 moves and a couple of years of storage.) Just sprayed it with some "railroad brown" and stuff to make it look more like old wood.

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