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A couple of weeks I was searching on Craig's for HO train stuff, I am a geek through and through, and I have been thinking of getting a table, never had one, just EZ-Track on the floor. A ferry ride later I get to the guy's house, as we are loading everything into my truck I am feeling bad, just about everything is in new condition, or still in the package. The table was made to be suspended from the ceiling, so I bought some lumber to put legs on one side, and I bought I used desk to support the other end to provide storage and a place to store locos and rolling stock. I have two controllers on this table, the right one controls the main track along with the outside spur, and the left one controls the inside spur. I also like making my own themed trains, I put together the Christmas set almost 20 years ago, painted and lighted all of the cars.
The table did come with about 40 pieces of rolling stock, all of the buildings (most are aluminum), two very nice engines and the power supply on the right side. But I retire from the Navy in about a year and will likely be moving (again), so I wanted a small 4x8 layout, something that will be easy to move and have a low risk of the movers destroying. But, we are pulling the stuff out of the lower level of the cottage he runs a B&B out of, the train table was an entertainment piece he put together for his guests and it wasn't that big of a hit, so he wanted the train table gone so he could put something else in, a pool table, I think.
I also put together a folding shelf for the controls and switches, and added some more track. I have the outer loop on the right side, the outer spur and a small part of the main track on switches, so I can turn each one off to allow up to four trains to be on the track at once (it works better with just three trains).
I am planning on getting enough Lego base plates to cover the right side of the layout (from the road to the edge) and put some Lego buildings and equipment on that side. As luck would have it, your garden variety HO scale train is right at 4 Lego pegs wide, which allows for all kinds of building possibilities. I typed in the search on my phone and the first add that pops up is for a nice looking simple layout, it had buildings, a couple of locos and a bunch of rolling stock.
Given the house we drove past to get to the cottage, this guy wasn't hurting for money and just wanted the table gone, so I don't feel all that bad. Also on tap, I have plans for a military train, and a holloween train, complete with a rolling graveyard. The rolling stock was easy, I had a Mega-Blocks submarine given to me a while ago, I put it together once and tore it apart. Part of the kit was a bunch of 4x16 (2 flat block high) plates, I hollowed them out with my trusty Dremel and CA glued them to some rolling stock.
The engine was a little more trick, I had to some cutting around the motor, and had to do some chopping on the frame to get everything to line up right.
I called the guy, he said that he has several responses, but I was first in the gate, so it was mine if I wanted it. I like the building part of the deal, once I get it finished, I want to rip it apart and see what else I can make.

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