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You know we’re suckers for cool stamps and I love this simple, effective idea for making your own to create funny faces.
Written permission is needed for resuse of logo or images where the original owner of the work has asserted their own copyright terms. Looking for fab things for little ones?Sign up to our weekly email to see the best of what's out there. What I really wanted to make are homemade, reusable disinfectant wipes, and what I discovered after two weeks of internet research is that there are an insanely frustrating number of ideas and opinions about how to do this. My initial mission was to figure out how to make my own disinfectant wipes, but after doing the math and discovering how inexpensive they were, I decided to scout out other fantastic money-saving, Earth-saving, DIY cleaning product recipes to try! The citrus vinegar concentrate can be stored in a tightly covered jar for up to a year, so put those orange, lemon, and lime peels to good use and keep on adding them. I also mix it in a spray bottle and use on everything – counters, tables, appliances, etc.

Making laundry detergent is super easy and I also make homemade dishwashing detergent as well!! Oh girl, I’ve been meaning to make these wipes for well over a year so please don’t be impressed, lol! Both baking soda and vinegar are useful cleaning tools on their own as an abrasive and a disinfectant, but when you mix them together, they are basically rendered useless.
In the proportions that you have listed, you may end up with excess acetic acid (depending on the percentage that you started with in your vinegar), and that may be what is helping to remove marks from the stainless steel. All you need to do is glue craft foam shapes onto wooden blocks and then get creative (see examples below). Plant-based castile soap gently loosens grime and dirt from surfaces, and baking soda cleans, deodorizes, and scours – perfect for sinks, showers, tubs and ceramic tile! We’ve been using all-natural cleaners, too, but I was ready to take it even further to reducing waste – and save money!

You'll also get first dibs on exclusive discounts and offers (including those from our very own shop!). Borax is a powder form super-cleaner (found in the laundry detergent aisle) that cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects.
After switching to homemade about a month ago I have seen (felt) such a difference in my skin.

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