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Storyboarding has begun on the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon, which is slated to hit theaters on June 20, 2014. Earlier this year, DeBlois and producer Bonnie Arnold revealed details about the sequel to THR. DeBlois was co-director and Arnold producer of the original Dragon movie, which was released last year. The first Dragon was nominated for two Academy Awards including best animated feature. That's pretty sucky then, it means everyone will have to buy Gronkle to complete this quest. Gummygobb, unlike Toad (my hotburple) is very hyperactive and dosen't have a care in the world. Because changewings have a special coating on their scales to prevent them from disolving in other changwing acid, I was able to make acid-proof clothing. When naming a Screaming Death, always exagerate it from whatever you named your Whispering Death. Lochie reminded me of the Loch Ness Monster, so I named him Lochie, like Nessie, but the other way.
Daydream has been trained very well to coexist with the other dragons (although he does pretend to go after the pesky Terrible Terrors).
I come from a land far away, and I heard that Berk trained dragons so I, along with countles other dragon loving vikings, have enroled in the School of Dragons. When I got this quest, i had no Gronckle, so I had to spend all those coins on it, and level it up with the fire pit- FOR WHAT- so I can catch some deeply angler fish.
It takes a lot of coins though so you would have to save up a lot and farming is a great way to do that. He has this little spot like a fireplace where he can spit llava to warm up the room when its cold. He does join in on the fun every once in a while, but gets embarassed and stops once anyone notices.

He likes to have surprise water fights, and sometimes he forgets to let the water cool down before he shoots it!
He does like to visit his mother every now and then, even though she refused to care for him.
He is the genral of my fighting team of dragons (they all fight when they need to) for when a battle or defense squad is needed. His job is to dig up and find as many worms as he can (which Raincutters normally do, because they LOVE worms) and give them to Trader Johann for his shop, and any others he gives to me to fish with. A hobby of his is pruning bushes and trees (It makes them look nice and helps them grow right). He's perfect for exploration on the snowy reigons of berk, the school, and of course Icestorm island (where I got him). His name is Pickle, because his color scheme is that of a pickle's, but also because he odly really loves eating them. On a somewhat unrelated note, my first three dragons on that one are a Monstrous Nightmare, Shockjaw, and Stormcutter, none of them bought.
She can also make special green firecomb, which allows other dragons to breathe green flame. He is always ready to unleash a wild, whirling typhoon of green fire on anyone with evil in their hearts. His job, other than goofing off all the time, is to babysit baby dragons for people arround berk. Because of his pranking ways I assigned Slash a job that he would both love and help Berk and the School alot. He actually has two jobs; calling the other dragons back when needed (makes a certain call my other dragons have specificaly been trained to come to, so as not to call someone elses dragons) and also to help Lancelot catch rouge dragons by shooting the ambery substance at them. He screams into a big horn to let the others know when theres a battle or any other possible danger. He blends in, and he has a knack for staying completley still in order to see what's happening.

I send him off when the weather gets a bit scary, and I can determine the kind of storm by looking at him when he returns.
If you need to go off somewhere and you need to leave your baby dragon behind, Haven would be sure to take care of it!
Sometimes I have to take him out to somewhere big to have him run around freely and get some energy out of his sytem. Anyways, his name is his because his appearance reminded me of the aztec god, Quetzalcoatl.
If he only has a few sparks or jolts popping arround him, then it's a small thunderstorm. But if he has bent bolts of lightning crashing around him, it's going to be a violent night! His job is to keep everything nice and cool around berk and the school- breathing nice, cool winds. But sometimes when he gets his tail, he accidentaly stings himself and for a while he's frozen with his tail in his mouth. He only releases the poison when he;s scared (or irritated with me) but when he does, it affects him, too! When it's time to call the dragons back to the stables, he sings his song and the dragons all come flying back. I managed to get a sample of his poison and I made both an itching powder (hehe) and also an itch-removing cream.
They're perfect for navigation, and their job is to get lost vikings and dragons back to their homes by remembering the way they came. His job is to support the idea that he is NOT a Hobblegrunt until the matter is cleared, and the Headmaster changes the species name.

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