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The specialized dog training at Midway Dog Academy uses your dog’s natural pack member instinct to create a healthier, happier, more balanced animal.
We know that dogs have a natural, genetic drive to function within packs, like their wolf ancestors. Midway Dog Academy offers a variety of program’s to meet your dog’s needs – we offer dog boarding, dog day care, rehabilitation, puppy preschool, and customized training that consist of behavior modification and problem-solving, and housebreaking training. No matter what your dog training, puppy training, or dog boarding needs, Midway Dog Academy can meet it. Ros & Emma have a combined wealth of experience in dog and puppy training and can offer a variety of professional training courses including agility classes. Emma also runs local behaviour talks in Gosport, Fareham and Hampshire area and is available to provide this to local clubs and organisations.
Successful talks that Emma has run in the past include; Understanding your dog, Body Language, The key to successful Dog Training, Dominance - is it a myth? After introducing important welfare changes to the farm, she was awarded and presented with a "Freedom Food" of Excellence Award. After 8 happy years living in France Ros and David decided to return to England - mainly because Ros was missing her children and grandchildren.
The Kennel Club (the first and only scheme in the UK for instructors to be approved by City & Guilds NPTC). Classes were great, both Ros and Emma were always friendly giving help and advice at every exercise. We would highly recommend Bark2school to any owner with any type of dog, Ros is so easy going and supportive you will not be disappointed!
We plan to go on to do the advanced training and agility with Bark2school and are very much looking forward to it as will Brook.
Dog training has many facets & dog training courses online or in the flesh can vary dramatically. Note, strictly speaking, top dog training and dog obedience include dogs following a voice or hand command by the owner within a given time. You will quickly find that the best dog training you can get is the one that trains your dog to the level that you are happy with and can afford. That might seem like a very obvious statement, however 99% of brands out there are full of very unnatural chemicals.
Through our articles you will quickly find that the Best Treats for Dogs that you can get are meat based, and have natural amounts of other nutrients in them.
Cat toilet training is a very important part of training your cat, so of course we have articles on that.

Bark Busters dog friendly training techniques use the same communication methods, voice control and body language, that a dog follows as part of its instinctual mentality. Bark Busters provide puppy training programmes to give your puppy the very best start in life.
Bark Busters are looking for special individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners. Now that we are into Spring, and the weather is warmer, many of us enjoy the chance to take our dogs out and allow them a good run off lead. All dog owners need to be aware of the laws relating to dog ownership and how they apply to them.
March 14th - Pet Theft Awareness is the name of an organisation in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of the issue of pet theft. Tracey came to see us asked what my problems were with Lexi she showed me some good teaching skills to use on Lexi to which she responded well to when Tracey was there. We had our lesson only a week ago, and so naturally expect there to be ongoing improvements, but currently we are extremely pleased with the methods we have learnt, that are proving extremely effective. Bark Busters are looking for special individuals who are looking to become a dog trainer and dog behaviour therapist. We know that no two dogs are the same, so we customized our programs to individually address their needs.
Even if you have only one dog, you and your family become the “pack”; and therefore play a very important role in your dog’s daily life. While a completely independent dog only ignores your instructions, a dominant dog will never be afraid to show their discontent in things they do not like.
With one of these dogs, you have to prove yourself first before she or he recognizes your authority otherwise you will be bossed around by an animal. Despite their fearsome and irritable character, you may make them obey your instructions throughout your dog training periods and beyond.
The reason that Dog treats are mentioned at all in this site is that one of the main things that professionals and general dog owners use to successfully train their dogs is dog Training Treats.
This site will explore the multitude of dog training treats that are appropriate for you to use in training sessions.
You may wonder why cats are included on a dog site or vice versa, and its for the very simple reason that many people who own dogs, also own cats. That is why there is a separate category on this site just for cat training and cat lovers! Our all-natural home dog training is effective with any dog with any behaviour problem, including puppies.

It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behaviour and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind. Here you will find full colour public information handouts ready for printing or adding to an email. At Bark Busters we appreciate the benefits to all dogs of responsible dog ownership and so we have put together some important information about microchipping which becomes a legal requirement for all dogs in ENGLAND from 6th April 2016. It is lobbying for changes to UK law making pet theft a crime punishable by a custodial sentence, and is also involved in campaigning for compulsory scanning of found pets to improve the chances of them being reunited with their owners. We had previously been getting up at 5am every morning due to barking, but we have put her suggestions into place and can now stay in bad while still stopping the barking. Our unique training programs will help your dog re-establish its natural order – your dog will learn to socialize with other dogs and become a healthy family companion. Prior to taking part in any dog training activity, your dog will receive a FREE evaluation from one of our training behavioral specialist. That’s why at Midway Dog Academy, we help re-establish the natural pack mentality of your dog by encouraging proper socialization and interaction with other dogs. Some signs and symptoms of dominance can include one or more of the following: Shows defensive behavior when protecting territory, meals or toys.
All that you should do is establish your role as the one that supports the alpha position. These are very different things, but things that are as important if not more important than having a 100% trained dog, that you can’t take anywhere.
27 years of proven success and over 300 offices worldwide makes Bark Busters the ideal dog training career. Because dogs are natural pack animals, we can accelerate their learning by training them with other dogs, focusing on play time and socialization with other dogs. You have to establish your authority through reasonable actions and you will find that anything else follows. Our site will discuss the many techniques of dog training online, but will also advise on having a dog that will ‘play nicely’ with dogs and humans! Growls or button snaps when they’re not permitted to complete what they need or want.
When the leadership problem is clearly established, your dog training periods goes on easily with no troubles!

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