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Few weeks ago, we have share an NYC Subway map about best coffee by stop, and today we would like to share another one about usable restroom along the subway.
We have shared various subway maps, no matter those are interactive or static, all the time since subway maps are so common and important to us in our daily life, especially to those who take subway everyday.
This NYC subway map is created by Butterfruit Labs that shows the best coffeehouses in Manhattan by subway stops. Last year, we have shared an interactive Kuala Lumpur map of independent cafes, which provides detailed information for each cafe in pop-up boxes. Furthermore, category legends can be created for categorizing those chain stores and independent cafes. Let’s see if any interactive subway maps will be created in the future for another topics, and please feel free to share your findings to as well!
In the Suggestme website, you can create your personal city map by selecting your favorite places on the map according to different categories (e.g.
This website also provides many information about the locations that you can find brief introduction of the location, photos that taken by visitors, mentions by others on various social media, daily weather report, and even suggestions near the locations. After selecting all your favorite locations, you can print the map as a waterproof folded paper map in full color, and take it out during your trip. Currently there are 21 cites can be selected, includes Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, London, New York, Paris, Prague. The heat map shows the concentration of crimes, which are measured by how many occurrences there are per 1000 residents, with least to most depicted ranging in a pale orange to a rust color in a given area.
Users can always search data by the current year, the prior year, and by month within the current year, that currently we can find information from January 2012 to October 2013. This NYC Crime Map will regularly update by week.
We find a new interactive animated map for showcasing the commute patterns of residents in Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York regions that we can see where the residents go and modes of transport they use on the maps.
In the animated map, residents’ transport modes and the rough locations of their home are represented by colored dots, transit, walk, car, or other modes, and the size of the dots represent the ages. It’s a suggestion that category legend can be created for filtering dots, which represent different modes of transport, on the map.
Interesting live world map that shows the real-time tweets across the globe with tweet contents. Tuesday, the Michelin Guide revealed its 2014 star ratings for New York City, and here is an interactive map created by EATER for pinpointing those restaurants on the map.
Dramatically increased numbers of new drivers and vehicles on the road is the main course for the high road fatalities rate in Russia. In Egypt, people died in road traffic crashes every year exceed the toll of those who died in the revolution. In Liberia, 66% road fatalities were among pedestrians, which was the worst record among African countries. The Dominican Republic is the most dangerous place to drive in the Americas, with nearly 42 fatalities per 100,000 in population. The Islamic Republic of Iran has the worst driving record in the Middle East, with 34 deaths per 100,000 in population. In the past, people in Nigeria can buy a driving license even you have not taken driving lessons and passed a test, so it is not surprising with the high roads kill percentage.

Philippines has just passed a new drunk driving law earlier in 2013, but fails to establish a legal blood alcohol content level for intoxication, and let’s see if roads kill can be reduced. This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, and let’s take a quick reviews about the phenomenon in New Jersey, which is focusing prevention efforts on youth. According to statistics from Centers for Disease Control’s CDC Wonder database, proportion of the population who died by suicide in New Jersey rose in 2010.
The New Jersey Department of Children and Families found the opposite trend in looking at youth suicide (ages 10-24) in its latest 2012 Adolescent Suicide Report, which was released last November. We have to take note that suicide issue is still concerning and figure out if any youth education or prevention campaigns are needed or have to be enforced. The New York City subway system has 842 miles of track, making it the largest in North America. Historian Joe Cunningham knows as much as anyone about the subway and how it's evolved since it opened in 1904. It lies beneath tracks for the 4 and 5 trains, which rumbled overhead as we stood on a fully tiled platform that never opened to the public. Back above ground, Gates said the system is honeycombed with spots like this: stations, platforms and tunnels prepared for an expansive future that never came to be. For example, a Brooklyn-bound branch of the F train was supposed to keep going under Houston Street, beneath the East River and across Central Brooklyn before turning down to Flatlands near Jamaica Bay. As Gates described it, these unbuilt lines make up an impressive second system that sits invisibly on the actual subway map: lines that would've directly connected Forest Hills to JFK Airport, South Brooklyn to Staten Island and the Second Avenue Subway to Throgs Neck in the Bronx. FDR's train car still sits on a stub of track beneath Grand Central, a peculiar piece of the city's lost transit system — like stations once opened and now closed.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's custom-built train car, which sits on a secret track beneath Grand Central Terminal. The best known one in Brooklyn is at Myrtle Avenue on the Q line, which has been turned into a work of art called masstransitscope. Some of those lost stops hide in plain sight — graffiti-covered indentations lit by a few bare bulbs and glimpsed from a moving train. For more stories like this follow Transportation Nation on Twitter, sign up for our RSS Feed or like us on Facebook. Here we have found another useful subway map for busy New Yorkers to check out the best coffee around you by subway stops.
But please also bear in mind that most of the suggestions form the website are about restaurants and clubs.
Since the maps have categorized data according to people’s household income levels, it is interesting to see the commute patterns are various based on different income levels. There are two drop down boxes on the top left corners for selecting data from various regions and income levels, and map users can click play button to see the changing of commute pattern all through the day.
You can mouse click the pins to see the tweets and the Twitter accounts in the popup boxes. Though some people suggest the creator to develop the map with various languages, I think it is enough at this status.
According to the report, the suicide rate for youth in 2011 was lower than the rate in 2010, and was also below the national rate.

And there's even more to it than riders see: dozens of tunnels and platforms that were either abandoned or were built but never used. He also pointed out the gaps in service: southeast Brooklyn, central and eastern Queens, straight up the middle of the Bronx.
Most of those lines died on the drafting table, but some were begun and then abandoned when the city ran out of money or pursued other priorities. To get there, we hopped down on some tracks that were closed for repairs and made our way to a tunnel begun for the abandoned line. Two summers ago, graffiti artists from around the world snuck in and covered its concrete walls with giant works of art.
A limousine with the president in it would be driven from inside the train, down a ramp and into an elevator next to the platform.
In the 1950s, the city increased the capacity of the system by lengthening the average train from eight to ten cars and expanding station platforms. In Manhattan, there are abandoned stations at Worth Street, East 18th Street and beneath City Hall. You may find that Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks maybe in the map since some locations do not have great options other than these two. This map is useful and informative to those living in NYC, especially those coffee-addicts. Suggestion data on the website comes from tweets, Facebook mentions, and foursquare checkins. It is believed that this crime map system can help New Yorkers and other map users to better understand locations of major crimes that are consistent.
Finally, you can create heat map with map legend to indicate the road kills percentage in various countries.
They form a kind of ghost system that reveals how the city's transit ambitions have been both realized and thwarted. The system is vast, reaching like an octopus from Manhattan to almost every neighborhood outside Staten Island.
MTA worker Dan Brucker gives tours of Grand Central Terminal that feature a visit to a secret station far below ground. If there are locations that not being suggested on the map, you can also add custom places on the map.
But to increase the speed of the trains, more space was needed between stations along the old routes.
Have you ever had an experience that you got lost and had no idea about where should go even you are holding the map on hand?
You may be confused by thousand information on the map that is not really useful for your trip.

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