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By following five quick and simple steps, you will be well on your way to getting to New Zealand.
Either be able to apply for a Working Holiday Visa, currently have a valid Visa or currently enrolled within a university or tertiary course or . Once you have signed up on our website one of our team members will have a look at your CV and application letter and will get back to you within the next 1-2 working days. Please keep in mind that we require an initial security deposit of 400 NZD (including a non refundable 75 NZD admin fee) before we start working on your placement.
New Zealand Internships requires a deposit payment to ensure your honest and legitimate intent for finding an Internship in New Zealand. While our success rate is very high, in the unlikely event that we cannot secure you a placement, we will refund you the full Deposit price minus an Admin fee (75NZD). Once we have your personal and university requirements we will start contacting our network of clients to find you an appropriate internship which matches your needs. If both you and the employer are satisfied with the interview, we will draft an internship contract to officialise the arrangement. Once the contract has been signed and both parties, including the intern, are satisfied to proceed we will ask for the candidate to pay the rest of the internship fee. Internships allow students to work with established organisations, companies, NGOs, and projects.
We recommended that students take on as many internships and volunteering activities as possible during the course of their studies.
Government: Many levels of government provide opportunities for students to gain an experience in public sector business and activities. International Organizations: These high profile organisations, such as the United Nations, World Bank, and European Union, have open calls for interns. The industry leader in the providing of quality Internships, with a commitment to a professional & complete service and the creation of unforgettable experiences.
At New Zealand Internships we strive to make the entire process as simple as possible - from the before your internships started till after its completed.
For our International candidates, we have for the last eight years provided and improved on a comprehensive package that makes coming to New Zealand simple and without any surprises.
There are many reasons why doing an internship in New Zealand will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Besides it being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand is also rated in the top 5 safest countries to work and play on our planet. In today's increasingly competitive business world it is becoming harder and harder to separate yourself from the rest. An internship in New Zealand, with placements in worlds leading companies allows the opportunity to greatly increase your professional identity, work ethic and expand your network with a series of international references. An internship with New Zealand Internships is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. What better way to experience New Zealand than to experience it with a number of people just as awesome and exciting as you.
Don't just take our word for the kind of quality internships that we provide in New Zealand. All the pictures on our site are of real past interns who have all enjoyed and made the most of their internship in New Zealand. We promise you by the end of your internship, you will have come away with experiences that are worth more than anything.
As an intern of New Zealand Internships you will be offered a customised trip to the South Island of New Zealand.
Are you looking to tour the country with your parents or cruise around the country with some fellow interns?

JUCY Rentals is New Zealand's favourite and most trusted car rental and campervan hire company. Before you've even started your internship, come into our office for your orientation and you'll receive a special New Zealand Internships "goodie bag", full of discount vouchers, a sim card and other useful things that will help you out and keep you entertained while you're here. INTERNSHIP OPTIONSAfrica, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania… Where do yo prefer to get your internship?
VOLUNTEER OPTIONSAfrica, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania… Where do yo prefer to get your Volunteer?
LANGUAGE SCHOOLSAfrica, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania… What language do you want to learn? TRAVELWORK & AUPAIRAfrica, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania… Where do yo prefer to work?
We request that all our applicants have a Skype interview with us, in order to assess their strengths as well as answer any questions they may have about the program. The 400 NZD will be held on a secure bank account and the full amount will be included into your package price after a successful placement.
Having received your deposit, our team will process your documents and begin the search for your perfect Internship match. We are the biggest, most established Internship provider – having assisted thousands of satisfied candidates, companies and Universities from all around the world. However, please understand that we will only provide a refund if we have been unable to secure you a placement before your provided deadline. Consideration will be given in situations of bereavement, where you have fallen ill or other similar circumstances.
While we prefer responses within two days, a response later than five days is considered late if no adequate reason for this is offered. The initial deposit is to secure your interest and signal us to begin working on your profile. When we have found a possible match we will set up a Skype or phone interview between you and the employer.
This document will include both yours and the employers details and regulations throughout the internship.
In addition, we will expect you to visit our office for a personal Orientation about New Zealand and your internship. Internships can be crucial for developing skills and knowledge that are vital for success after graduation. Students without internship experience often have a very hard time beginning their professional careers. These internships are very valuable because they provide real insights into the professional field. Ever since, we have remained leaders in providing professional internships, successfully assisting thousands of Interns and companies across New Zealand. In some situations, people like to involve their parents in the decision making process so please refer them to our parent's page. From small business to multinational organisations, there are many industries and companies to perfectly suit your requirements.
Give yourself the chance to travel and experience a country that exceeds your expectations when you choose New Zealand as your internship destination.
Our huge internship social network paired with our regular social events and activities gives you the chance to make true and lasting friendships.
With a New Zealand internship, we invite you to come share in the adventures together and have designed, with you in specifically in mind, a range of awesome trips and activities. You too will have the chance to take part in something similar and experience the beauty of New Zealand for yourself. You will have references and true work experience for your future career to go with the priceless memories and moments you have made here.

Make the most of your time and get to see and experience the real side of New Zealand that earns it the reputation as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This 15 day trip, extremely popular with past interns, is crammed with sights and activities all at the unbeatable intern price. Kiwi owned and operated, JUCY can get you zipping around the city for a few days or touring our beautiful country for a couple of weeks or more.
Every other week we have competitions and events in which you can win great prizes that will come in handy around New Zealand. Please visit New Zealand Immigration to find out if you are eligible for a working holiday visa. You are still required to pay the remainder of your Package Price once your Internship placement is confirmed.
Please note, that if you sign out during this process without a legitimate reason, NZI is allowed to hold the deposit. The agreement secures your internship and gives us the go-ahead to prepare all your arrangements in New Zealand. No worries, our experienced team members are standing by to guide you through the entire rest of the process.
They often provide real project and career experience that is not traditionally taught at universities. With New Zealand internships, you will be given the opportunity to gain a quality work experience, all within a country well known for its excellent work environment and world class reputation.
What better way is there to develop your own motivation, skills and passion before being able to go on and showcase them to your future potential employers than by doing an internship abroad? It is one of the most valuable aspects of our internship program and a point of difference between the competition or attempting to organising an internship for yourself.
Over the years we have successfully assisted thousands of (international) candidates who have all come back to us with a happy report on their stay here. It is not all about our unbeatable internship package price, but everything else that comes with it. We have been able to get you an unbeatable car rental deal that you simply won't find anywhere else for cheaper.
The Skype interview also gives you the opportunity to express your personal goals for your internship, university requirements (if necessary) and your desired internship time period. This includes help with all necessary preparation including Visa, Insurance, Accommodation and Flights.
If you are looking to seriously launch your career, look no further than completing an Internship in New Zealand. At New Zealand Internships we stand for Quality, and stand out from other providers through our huge range of unique additional services that keep you saving money.
This includes tips and advice on all things about New Zealand at our orientation and throughout your internship, not to mention the unbeatable deals we offer on our own trips and activities of the countries “must see and do’s”. As an intern of our program in New Zealand you are eligible to claim an additional 10% discount on your rental price and to get yourself and your friends in your own car traveling around our beautiful country. If we see an opportunity we will forward your profile to the New Zealand Internships representative in your home country. If your Internship is confirmed, the Admin fee will be included in the total Package price.

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