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There is the dart-and-hustle option, entailing a sprint between entrances before the doors close, and the perilous — and prohibited — passing between the doors at the end of the car. But the Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants to examine another route: a new generation of subway trains with open pathways between cars. This week, the authority released an image of the model, known as an open gangway plan, delighting train aficionados who had wondered when the idea would arrive in New York City. The cars are still years away here: The authority could award a contract as early as next year to build 10 of them, and they would not be delivered until at least 2020, or later, officials said. Architecture Lab is the best source for architecture, competitions, videos and news coverage. NEW YORK CITY - JUN 10: Interior of Grand Central Station on June 10, 2013 in New York City, NY. NEW YORK CITY - NOV 13: Grand Central on 42nd Street, is a famous and busy intersection for taxi cabs, tourists and commuters, November 13th, 2011 in Manhattan, New York City. NEW YORK CITY - Jan 4: Rush of pedestrians outside historic Grand Central Terminal in NYC on Jan 4, 2013. NEW YORK CITY - MAR 18: Interior of Grand Central Station on March 18, 2011 in New York City, NY.
NEW YORK CITY - JULY 18: Interior of Grand Central Station on July 18, 2012 in New York City, NY. NEW YORK - AUGUST 28: Yellow taxi cabs rush tourists around Times Square on August 28, 2009 in New York City, NY.
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Every time I get on Toronto's new subway cars that are interconnected, so that you can see and walk down the entire train, I smile.
A three-room apartment in New York rented for $8 a month, which could be divided among three, four, or as many as six workers to reduce the cost. As for McDonald, arrogant as always, he vowed that digging 21 miles of tunnel through the schist of New York would be no more challenging than any other routine job he had handled. The problem: In Boston’s downtown, shown here, like New York’s, the streets were so crowded in the 1890s travel was impossibly slow. After Parsons’s first swing of a pick-axe downtown to break ground, it looked like bombs had exploded all over the city.
In Columbus Circle, the imposing 70-ft marble statue of Christopher Columbus, erected in 1892 to honor the 400th anniversary of his landing in America, soon stood amid utter destruction, looking out over an intersection in chaos.
The tunnel: Circa 1902, Workers stand inside the shield that bore through Manhattan’s underbelly to open the New York subway in 1904. Fortunately, they would not, like the workers in Boston who built America’s first subway a few years earlier, stumble upon hundreds of bodies in cemeteries. Tunneling the subway meant boring deep through the earth by using giant shields, oversized drills essentially, which pushed forward inch by inch and carved out the path for the trains.
However, he did work on the Hoosac Tunnel in Western Massachusetts, a 5-mile long railroad tunnel carved through the 1,700-ft Hoosac Mountain.

Of course, it was one thing to blow up dynamite inside a mountain in rural Western Massachusetts. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.
New York City has the most extensive subway system in the world, running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The first phase of the 2nd Avenue subway line is set to open in December 2016 – surprisingly on time – to the tune of some $4.5 billion. The Great Blizzard of 1888 helped demonstrate the benefits of an underground transportation system. But their inclusion in a presentation to the authority’s board members brought to life an idea that has been debated for years.
The world's largest train station, Grand Central has more than 44 platforms and 67 tracks. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
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The book chronicles the race to construct the first subway system in the United States amidst a backdrop of economic upheaval, life-changing innovations, class warfare, bitter political tensions, and the question of America’s place in the world. They made an odd couple, the bald, belly- bulging Irishman who had worked hard labor his whole life and the trim, snobbish, spoiled German Jew born into a life of privilege.
A dozen eggs was going for 25 cents, about the same for three tins of sardines, while a dozen pints of beer could be had for a dollar fifty. Downtown, uptown, midtown— swarms of men wearing baggy pants, heavy boots, brimmed hats, shirts with their long sleeves rolled up, and suspenders emerged with their sharp pickaxes and started swinging. In weeks, the streets were obliterated and the men were standing 10 or 20 ft deep, often amid a maze of sewer, water, and gas lines that would need to be rerouted or lowered farther into the ground.
The street railway tracks circling the monument were littered with debris and passed between piles of dirt or directly over newly dug trenches.
Once a section of trench was long and deep enough, steel beams were laid in a grid across the top of it to begin the process of building the roof of the tunnel and of rebuilding the surface of the streets. He could tunnel through the earth, far beneath the streets, like London, causing little disruption to the streets during construction. It was a disastrous job that dragged on for a quarter of a century, claimed nearly 200 lives, and involved dozens of explosions, subterranean floods, and cave-ins. McDonald would be digging his tunnel beneath 4 million people living, working, and riding in streetcars overhead in a city built of steel, iron, wood, and concrete. And it's about to grow.We will try to avoid the question of quality of the New York subway – if you want to hear a New Yorker complain, ask them about the MTA, the body that operates the city’s public transportation – but the quantity is soon to go up.

The line’s first phase is about 82 per cent complete and reporters were given a rare underground tour of the subway construction. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. I like to stand on the transition point where it connects two cars; you feel the floor move under you as it goes around curves, so fun. They, along with William Barclay Parsons, the young engineer who had the entire route mapped out on his blueprints and knew the formation of the island of New York down to every last pebble, were now being hailed as saviors and protectors of a project that seemed doomed time and time again.
Engineers, axmen, levelers, steelworkers, inspectors, cement mixers, masonry men, accountants, stenographers, diggers, and even messengers were all suddenly needed. So nervous were the crews about gas leaks that, instead of working around the pipes, they rerouted them above ground to get them out of harm’s way. Waiting passengers stood feet away from the work, and women with children stopped and stared at the progress.
The arm of a steam-powered crane would hang over the trench and drop a rope down, waiting for it to be tied to a boulder before hoisting it to the surface. Today, when New Yorkers merely bound down a dozen or two dozen well-lighted steps to most of their stations across New York City, rather than ride elevators much deeper into the dark underground, it’s because Parsons had the foresight in 1900 to make his decision based not on how difficult it might be to build the subway but on how easy and pleasurable it must be to ride the subway day after day, year after year. At the Municipal Lodging House on First Avenue at 23rd Street, skilled and unskilled laborers from around the country began to flock in day after day in search of a cot to sleep on and a penny to earn.
With those basics, a group of immigrant workers could be quite content, as long as they had paychecks to purchase them. As one group pushed forward inch by inch, another group behind them shoveled the loose rocks and dirt into wooden carriages attached to mules that carted it away. Throughout the city, diggers would discover coin chests and colonial weapons, and a crazy collection of underground brooks, springs, and even a small subterranean pond at 32nd and Madison. As with everything he did, Parsons approached the question of how deep to dig practically, thinking like a passenger, and analytically, using the wealth of engineering knowledge he’d accumulated from more than a de cade of drilling holes in the island. On the Hoosac Tunnel, workers used dynamite for the first time to set off controlled explosions, a feat that would come in handy for McDonald. Giant mastodon bones surfaced near Dyckman Street, and the charred hull of a seventeenth- century Dutch merchant ship was found near the Battery.
This added capacity means that a metro line can carry more people with trains of the same length. Two, it allows passengers to redistribute themselves throughout the train while the vehicle is moving, reducing problems associated with many people boarding in the same doorway, such as slow exiting times and poorly distributed standees. Three, it increases safety at times of low ridership by increasing the number of “eyes” in the train. People like me are always pushing through to get at the right door to be opposite to and first up the exit stair, which might be at the other end of the train from where I got on.

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