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Museum Station on the TTC (Toronto) is the stop for the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Gardiner Museum, a museum of ceramics and ceramic art. I know they've tried to introduce art into the NYC subways, for a long time, but on a considerably smaller, more modest, scale. I wish we had even more art in our public spaces, so many of them are bland and boring without it.

Another on from Berlin: the U-Bahn station SchA¶neberger Rathaus (SchA¶neberg Town Hall), built in 1913 in a city park.
90 out of 100 stations have some form of art, paintings, sculptures etc made by 150 different artists. If you wish to use a subway map in your own project, you should consider licensing the official MTA map, or try New York City Subway Route Map by SPUI, which is in the public domain.

Additionally, if you are having trouble seeing the map below (perhaps because you have disabled JavaScript in your browser), Click Here.

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