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Many reports have speculated that Jaguar XE roadster newest model will be a lightweight sports car.
The Jaguar XF is another top of the line luxury car model brought to the market by the world renowned car making company Jaguar. Foreign media have published the first computer pictures of the future Jaguar luxury hatchback. It is known that the car’s debut which will take place no earlier than 2015, will be different compact dimensions, road trim and the advanced technical equipment. Five-door XE model petrol engines will power, presumably, from 140 to 250 hp and a hybrid power plant.

The Jaguar model, the XE, will be positioned under the XK, and aimed squarely at Porsche’s 911. However, the news did not date from yesterday, the long-awaited Roadster destined to play in the same league as the BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLK should a priori be reached by 2012, if indeed the British manufacturer reaches into his schedule. Jaguar even previewed such a car back in 2000 when it rolled out the original F-Type Concept.
Codenamed X400, this new model would be built at Halewood on Merseyside, which became a fully operational Jaguar plant and launched as the X-TYPE in 2001. This cars called Jaguar XE Roadster, the new model will be a competitor for models like Porsche Boxster and Mercedes SLK.

Many issue say “ This cars will make its official debut in 2010 at the Frankfurt Motor Show”.

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