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The first person to guess which train station in Japan I took today’s photo at wins a virtual pat on the back.
For the rest of you, the main clue is the Tengu statue to the left which is the symbol of Mt. Click "Like" to have updates to the blog automatically delivered to your Facebook news feed. Taiwan quietly launched its high-speed train project built with Japanese technology on Friday,despite public concern about the railway's safety and a malfunction with the ticketing computer system, Taiwan radio said on Friday. Authorities did not hold a launch ceremony because the 345-kilometre project, which cost 18 billion US dollars and took eight years to build, is not finished. The project's launch has been delayed three times and currently the train runs only 335 kilometres as the 10-kilometre section between Panchiao and Taipei is still under construction.
The high-speed rail project kicked off to a bumpy start with the computer ticketing system malfunctioning. In the past two days of ticket booking, the computer system crashed several times and was slow and when it did function.

Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp (THSRC) Chairwoman Nita Ing apologized for the defects and extended the trial operation period from 10 to 15 days, during which tickets are sold at half price. Some lawmakers claim that authorities have hastily approved the launch of the high-speed rail service so that scandal-dogged Chen Shui-bian can boast of his economic success in his year-end report.
Chen rode the high-speed train last week and lauded it was better than the high-speed trains in Japan and France, even though he has never ridden the high-speed train in these countries. The high-speed train was built with the help from Japan's Shinkansen Group, marking it the first time that the Shinkansen Group has exported it bullet train technology.
The train can travel at a maximum speed of 300 kilometres per hour and will cut the Taipei-Kaohsiung train journey time from the current four hours to 90 minutes. The high-speed rail is expected to trigger a proper boom along the rail line and boost the economy in central and southern Taiwan. I am exited because this is a milestone for Taiwan," a woman passenger said when interviewed in a train carriage by cable TV channel ETTV.
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In 1968, James Powell, a researcher at Brookhaven National Lab, thought of using maglev trains (derived from magnetic levitation). He also reported a deafening sound that made conversation all but impossible,” said Asahi Shimbun.It is still to be considered if this type of turbulence restricts LO from use in densely populated areas. Engineers have sufficient time till the planned inaugural date of LO in 2027 to reduce these external forces.More maglev trains are expected to come in the areas of India, China and even the US in the future decades. The Maglev trains and Hyperloops will expectantly make mid-distance travel fast, calm and advanced.

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