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The main focus with this model is to create an authentic looking rear drive setup complete with drive shaft.I did quite a lot of experimenting to come up with a rear drive setup that works and look good.
I simply knew that one day it would be possible to create such a ride but never realised that it would be radio controlled as well. I bought a whole box of Mabuchi HO motors at a surplus store mounted one on the chassis attached some strong sewing thread to the motors shaft and juiced it with a small square 9V battery.

He's known in Asia for his outstanding paintjobs and pinstriping on cars, motorcycles and helmets. After looking everywhere on the internet I was not able to find a nice looking universal joint so I had to create one myself using brass.Trail and error.
In March I fly back to Tokyo to visit the Tokyo lowrider show again and meet the cool people out there.

I tried several setups for the rear and finally come up with one that works like the real thing and is relialable enough.

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