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Before finding out that liability insurance for building motorized bicycles is at least $15k per year, I thought I'd make a jig so I could produce the same bike repeatedly. I don't have a lathe, and I'm cheap, so what most people would make on a lathe, I found other ways to make.
I found some square tube aluminum extrusion at my local scrap metal yard that is pretty heavy duty and very straight. I searched through all kinds of piles of stuff to find cones, then I saw cocktail jiggers in a thrift store.
The brackets that hold the jiggers have plate steel brazed on the sides to make them align well with the channel.
I don't have a surface gauge, so I measured by putting my angle gauge on a piece of flat bar, and then angling the bar so it filled the gap between the tube and the plate below. That's similar, but I recall the picture being the side view, so probably not the one I was thinking of. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. Check out Misumi, they sell extrusions alot cheaper and have a massive catalog of automation components that you could build a pretty bad ass fixture with. The Akira Bike (Kaneda's bike from the film) will be the inspiration for the form of this motorcycle.
The first major step of the developmental prototype, the powered hard tail rolling chassis.
Once the dynamics of suspension have been tested and refined, my patent pending drive system will be installed. Once the drive system has been demonstrated, a longer version will be added along with a single sided rear swingarm.
Once the developmental prototype has gone through its paces, refinement, and testing, and entirely new bike will be built from the ground up, representing the final version of my Akira Bike Project. The last stage will involve enveloping the final version of the bike in appropriate paneling, lights, and fairings. With that in mind, let me tell you about my motorcycle, and what makes it a unique vehicle, and why it could do for motorcycles what the safety bicycle did for bicycles. As a recumbent, It is a very long and low vehicle, almost ten feet long and barely four feet high, for this prototype.
And for similar reasons, a motorcycle like this can also stop much quicker with less weight getting transferred off the rear wheel and the braking can be more evenly distributed among the two wheels. The reclined seating position is also highly adjustable and extremely comfortable for extended periods, seriously reducing driver fatigue, and it is also conducive to being harnessed with a seat belt like restraint system.
Unlike almost every other motorcycle ever made, the rider in this vehicle sits in front of the engine instead of straddling above it. In my bike, a nice V Twin engine is mounted transversely (side to side) which makes it take up significantly less space from the front to the back of the vehicle, while keeping the center of gravity (combined with the riders center) extremely low to the ground, and combined with the weight of the rider and the powered lifting front end, a nice even weight distribution among the whole length of the bike.
Ok, so one notable disadvantage of a long low vehicle is egressa€¦ ita€™s like getting up out of a reclined beach chair a€“ better if someone is standing next to you to help you up.

You might be wondering, when you come to a stop on this vehicle, like any other motorcycle, wona€™t it just fall over? When not in use, this stabilizer folds neatly up under the body of the bike, and being spring loaded with an off center of rotation, wona€™t get stuck in the down position and will give if ita€™s down and you hit a large obstacle.
A few reasonable solutions exist, but none I found satisfactory, so I set out to make my own solution.
I have only been able to build a smaller prototype version of this drive shaft and need to build some stress testing equipment as well as build the machine required to build this high torque drive shaft, which will ultimately offer a viable new power delivery system to all vehicles. This bike project was born out of my lifelong passion for engineering design, construction, and invention.
Our local Contractor's Warehouse store is having a perpetual sale since they're going out of business, and they had a bunch of "C" channel, brackets and bolts for super cheap.
I touched up the front and back surfaces, and the bottom surface of the cap on my belt sander, and the shell doesn't wiggle at all. It's basically a piece of really thick angle iron that spans the width of my welding table. It will first and foremost however be a functional vehicle, the similiaraties to the vehicle from the movie will come secondarily to a safe, reliable, functional well performing vehicle.There are obvious aspects from the design of the bike in the film that are severe shortcomings when faithfully translated to a functional vehicle. With no suspension in the rear and a chain drive, this tests the basic geometry and functionality.
This will complete the functionality which will be included in the final version of the bike. It is a recumbent, rear engine, two wheel steering vehicle with a powered egress system, dynamic stabilizer, and a powerful high torque flexible drive shaft that I invented for this project. Motorcycles have changed little in a fundamental sense, while chassis engineering, engine technology, tires and braking components, etc, have evolved significantly, the overall design of the motorcycle hasna€™t changed much, and though conventional upright bikes have significant advantages in off-road riding, they have some disadvantages on road. Then someone figured that moving the riders feet away from the center of the wheel by using a leather belt to turn the wheel would be good, as the front wheel could be shrunk and the rider sit at waist height, thus the modern a€?safety bicyclea€™ was born. The resistance for a body like a motorcycle to rotate, as in popping a wheely, is known in physics as the polar moment of inertia.
Though Gurney's bike is lite and small and you lean forward instead of backwards, my Production Prototype will have an engine with twice the power and should have similarly scaled performance characteristics. The Akira Bike Project's Production Prototype is only slightly higher than a fully prone rider on a Hayabusa. Since the overwhelming majority of motorcycle accidents are front end collisions, then in the overwhelming majority of motorcycle accidents a recumbent motorcycle can offer similar protection that a small car can. Sitting up above an engine drastically increases the aerodynamic profile of the vehicle and raises the center of gravity, both detrimental effects. This helps compensate for the larger turning radius a long bike creates, but it also has many other advantages, which, unfortunately I can not discuss in detail until my patent protection is secured.
All of these have unique advantages and disadvantages, chains are lightweight and can handle high loads, but require periodic maintenance and can catastrophically fail, while drive shafts are maintenance free and reliable, but heavy and require high tolerance, expense bevel gears. Drive shafts and bevel gears could work, however a few pairs would be needed with each weighing a few pounds and being costly.

I am about 80% complete with the functional prototype, and testing will progress through phases starting with refining the front end steering with a hard tail chain driven rear and progressing through adding and testing each unique innovation one by one until every aspect is tested. Kickstarter funding will fund the completion and testing of the Functional Prototype, the successful demonstration of that will make raising money to build the Production Prototype a million times easier. Most are simply too small, can not lean over at all, or woefully underpowered as Bikes over 400cc are very rare in Japan. But my deepest passion is inventing, with a particular focus on transportation related technologies. Well, given the price of insurance, I won't be building these bikes to sell, but building the jig was fun, and it can be used for other frames too.
Just lay two 2" pieces of angle on your bench near each other with the vertex up, put the square plate steel on top and lay a firebrick on top that spans the two, and the flat plates are guaranteed to be exact 45 degree angles to the angle iron sides.
I believe there was a more recent on that had a picture of a jig that used connector plates that have a curve cut into them for an adjustable angle (not sure what they're called). One is the size of the vehicle, another is the lean angle, while others are the drive system and engine placement. The safety bicycle is noteworthy for changing the perception of bicycles from dangerous toys ridden by adventurous young men to a practical tool for transportation that both men and women could use. This polar moment of inertia actually increases with the square of the distance, so a vehicle that is twice as long requires four times as much power to rotate. Having personally suffered a painful front end collision, this advantage is of great interest to me. Putting the engine in front of the rider elongates the front and still causes the rider to straddle them, and also creates the need for a complex drive system to route the power of the engine under the rider and back up to the rear wheel. Another press off the button once seated, and you pull the handlebars down and they lock into the bike.
A local university accepted this idea into their Intellectual property law clinic and sponsored all the intellectual property work drafting a patent required. I subscribe to the practice of tacking the frame together in the jig, then doing alignment correction, then doing the final brazing.
That secures a couple of bottom bracket cups that I brazed some tubing on to to keep them centered on the bolt. Most are somewhat superficial and easy to design around, others are fundamentally different because we do not have the advanced technology depicted in the film, and a few are just plain bad ideas when applied to motorcycles. So a long low vehicle can put much more power to the wheel and use it for acceleration than a short tall one can. They're the perfect size and only cost 25 cents per double sided jigger at the thrift store. For the most part though, the design in the film was prescient and a decent implementation of a recumbent motorcycle.

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