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Including UK diesel locomotives plus carriages, scenerios, have a look at Class 20 Collection and Class 60 & Freight Collection. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Both the Voyager 220 and Tilting Super Voyager 221 are included, each in five liveries, and the Super Voyager 221 features switchable tilting round high-speed curves!
Voyager Advanced is the third release in our Advanced range, bringing you advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds.
Working digital destination displays - in driver's windscreen and on the side of the passenger carriages.
Cab and gauge lighting - independently controlled main cab lighting and gauge illumination.
DSD (Driver's Safety Device) - move the reverser for the first time and hear the DSD self-test sound.
NRN Radio - with unique ActivScript coding that gives you a random selection of different voices each time.
Both the 220 and 221 support the Just Trains ActivWorld scenarios that allow incidents and system failures such as passenger communication, fire alarm, engine failure on any of the units and brake failure. Scenario-based 'cold and dark' start-up mode - turn on the battery isolating switch and watch the systems come to life as they would in the real Voyager!
Drive the Voyager 220 and Tilting Super Voyager 221 on 10 challenging and interesting scenarios that employ our exclusive ActivWorld scenario technology on both default and add-on routes. This morning you are in charge of one of Arriva Cross Country's Class 220s on the first train of the day from Reading to Manchester. Take the Voyager on an express service along the length of the Castle Rock Railroad - it's rather different to the usual train on this service! Take a party of German skiers on a hired Class 221 Voyager from Hagen to Siegen on a very wintry evening.
On a stunning summer's morning you are assigned to your first day of training on board the British Class 220 Voyager unit.
Voyager Advanced features the Voyager 220 and Tilting Super Voyager 221, each in five liveries, with advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds. The accuracy of the new Advanced driving systems brings an unparalleled degree of realism to the Voyager experience, and ten challenging new scenarios are also included.
Note: Additional stock (not supplied) is required to enable all the scenarios to be operated.
To help make the route more authentic, we have supplied the following repaints of default locomotives that you will see as AI; they can also be used for driving as well. Drive a Class 91 on the 05:48 Edinburgh-King Cross service between Edinburgh and Newcastle.
Drive a pair of DRS Class 20s on one of the autumn RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) workings that heads from Newcastle to Little Mill LC (Alnmouth) throughout the week.
Drive Cross Country Voyager 1S37 on the 05:20 Plymouth-Edinburgh service between Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Drive Class 221 Super Voyager 1V68 between Edinburgh and Newcastle on the returning 15:08 Edinburgh-Plymouth service.
On 12 April 2014 55002, newly restored and passed for main line operation, took a special service north from York along some of its old stomping grounds to Aberdeen.
This major artery on the eastern side of Great Britain runs largely parallel to the A1 trunk road. The section of the East Coast Main Line covered in this add-on runs from Newcastle to Edinburgh, and this part of the route was constructed by two railway companies: the North British Railway from Edinburgh to Berwick-upon-Tweed and the North Eastern Railway south of that point. The route was electrified using 25 kV AC overhead lines in two phases between 1976 and 1991. The InterCity 225 rolling stock was introduced in the late 1980s to work the newly electrified line. This finely detailed route covers some 125 miles of the East Coast Main Line between Newcastle and Edinburgh, passing through 17 accurately detailed main line stations and four branch line stations.
The route features numerous custom buildings and objects, nine repaints for three loco types, a set of Just Trains Mk.1 carriages in maroon and all-new Just Trains modern LED signals and overhead catenary. Folks,I splashed out the other day on the A4 pack and its coaches in its newly-TS2012 updated version.I've attached some screenshots of the A4 in various liveries.
I've not seen the updated versions yet, but it looks like they have been retextured for TS12. I did try shifting time of day and season, and although things changed it wasn't particularly dramatic. Hello Folks,I'm quite interested in the Gresley carriages that come with the A4, can anyone let me know if they have received an update too? All FANTASTIC locosJust one problem - the tender wheels on the RSC V2 stop turning at about 15mph and don't turn again! I don't think they are 2d, Ben, but the textures are not as well done in the cab as we have come to see from other cabs.
Drive both units in ten challenging scenarios for both default and add-on routes that employ our new ActivWorld scenario coding for a superior driving experience - be prepared for the unexpected! The DSD will subsequently sound if you move to forward or reverse after stopping in neutral. There are separate sound sets for the driver's cab and the exterior view - you can hear the difference. A depot instructor will lead you through the start-up procedure and the various new controls in this unit. This service normally starts at Southampton but due to the snow it is starting here at Reading today. The unit is only on here on hire to show what keeps Britain moving - but it has gained a special US livery!
These are the busiest days of the year here on the Bristol to Exeter line and today is no exception. You need to get your Class 220 Voyager prepared for service at Barton Hill depot before working a stopping service down to Weston-Super-Mare and returning to Bristol Temple Meads.

Thankfully the fitter decided that the unit was in a fit state to continue at reduced power.
It handles cross-country, commuter and local passenger services as well as passenger traffic running north and south of the England-Scotland border.
Work started in 1985, and the section between Hitchin and Peterborough was completed in 1987.
These high speeds are possible because much of the route is fairly straight track on the flatter eastern regions of England. Apple green (early LNER) at the back, Express Blue, BR Green, Black, Silver Link, and experimental Purple liveries. The new lighting engine does require smoother and darker alpha channels for the best results - most developers including RSC have them too bright, but I tend to go darker as most of my stuff is weathered. Shifting light does reveal there is a slight sheen on the metalwork, but compare the RW version to a modern colour picture of Sir Nigel really shows how glossy the real train is in comparison. The shade of dark green is dark (and the shot illustrates how colours are interpreted) but it has got the same alpha channel as the others -RGB of 50,50,50 which is quite dark, but not at all unusual.The King and Scotsman are noticeable shinier, but RSC's models always are and I always tone them down significantly when reskinning.
Gone are the oily, unreliable 40-year-old Brush veterans and in their place brand new Bombardier Voyager units. The section covered in this TS2015 route expansion pack runs from Newcastle to Edinburgh - a distance of approximately 125 miles.
Electrification reached Doncaster and York in 1989, Newcastle by 1990 and Edinburgh in 1991.
Personally I don't think they're too flat for working locomotives but possibly for shiny museum pieces. Mark, your driver instructor, will take you through the start-up procedure before you head out onto the line for an introductory drive. These units are currently replacing the Class 47s on the main services and will eventually see off the HSTs too! It is subjective of course.If you did want to lighten them for your own use, it's the easiest bit of reskinning you'll ever do as the alphas are just plain grey.
Once at Reading we will reverse and head for Oxford where a Manchester driver will take over.
We will also be testing a few of the fault systems today so keep on top of your game at all times!
It's not all going to plan, however; the weather has caused problems for other services and many are running late so you can expect further delays en route to Oxford! One of our engines has failed and the guard in the second unit says that the temperatures on two of the other cars are not looking good.
A Class 47 is also struggling on a southbound service and, to top it off, a Black Five is out on a rail tour to Plymouth!

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