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Planning For Vacations Tell Our Expert Your Travel Plan Get FREE Travel Options Enjoy Your Vacations Get Best Deals! Explore Himachal, gives hand on information on various fast fact of Himachal Pradesh includes the destination of Kasauli, Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala and Dalhousie. The age of the Kalka-Shimla toy train has gone more than 100 years from the day it has inaugurated by the Viceroy of India.
High season time ( April to Mid July ) means toy train coming to Shimla is full of tourist from all around the India.
On July 2008, UNESCO has listed it in its  world heritage list because of its altitude, length and tropical conditions in which it travel.
Shimla-Kalka passenger train primarily served the local passengers who wish to reach to their offices for work. Himalayan queen has the most convenient timings from Kalka for the passenger reaches Kalka during the day time. Shimla: On the 105th anniversary of launch of the Kalka-Shimla rail services, by unveiling a plaque commemorating the occasion, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and R Velu, minister of state for railways, on Sunday morning formally declared the track a UNESCO world heritage site. Velu on the occasion said that attaining the World Heritage status after competing with other old rail lines in the world did speak about the way Indian Railways have been able to safeguard and operate such tracks. Even though for operating the Kalka-Shimla rail services regularly does incur a Rs 6 crore annual loss but it was small price to pay for the heritage value the line has, he said.
Railways would continue to preserve and operate the heritage track and by it being declared a World Heritage site, tourist traffic was expected to increase, he said. A special postage cover was released and a foundation stone to construct a railway museum was laid to mark the occasion. Proposal to construct a rail line to Shimla finds mention in the 1847 Delhi Gazette but to meet strategic imperial forces needs, the track laid out to military specifications was started in 1901 and the 96 Km track completed within three years. Constructed at an exorbitant cost, the two and a half feet track ascends mountain country from 2800 feet altitude at Kalka to 7000 feet at Shimla. Engineering feats include 103 tunnels and multi-arch gallery like bridges made of stone masonry and lime mortar that have stood steady without maintenance for over a century.
These bridges overcame problems of deeply tapering ravines with the longest one being the five tiered bridge no 226 between Sonwara-Dharmpur stations which is 69.5 meters long. A two member UNESCO team of Robert Lee and filmmaker Ian Walker with Northern Railway officials surveyed and documented the track before presenting the case for World Heritage status.
The UNESCO World Heritage Committee after a meeting at Quebec in Canada on July 7 declared the track the World Heritage status.
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Kalka Shimla railway toy train journey is an added attraction for tourists visiting Shimla. The Kalka Shimla trains can be divided into three categories economical, deluxe and premium. The Deluxe Rail Motor Car is a visual delight as it resembles a bus of the Second World War vintage. The coaches are equipped with wall-to-wall carpeting, wide glass windows and reversible cushioned chairs. A comparatively late entrant on the Kalka-Shimla section is the Shivalik Queen, which is a luxury coach.
Kalka Shimla Toy train Photos Kalka Shimla Toy train Photos The Kalka Shimla railway is a world heritage site more than 100 years old.
Delhi Shimla train schedule Delhi Shimla train schedule Shimla is situated at a height of 2000 meters, a perfect destination for travelers but there is no direct train from Delhi to Shimla. Shivalik Deluxe Express – Journey from Kalka to Shimla Shivalik Deluxe Express – Journey from Kalka to Shimla Shimla is a beautiful place especially for nature lovers. Kalka to Shimla Himalayan Queen toy train Kalka to Shimla Himalayan Queen toy train Kalka Shimla Himalayan Queen (train number 52455) is one of the narrow gauge toy trains that run from Kalka to Shimla. I want to travel from shimla to kalka by toy trains in December 2013.When and how ticket can be booked? I READ IN NEWS PAPER THAT A SPECIAL TRAIN IS RUNNING FROM KALKA TO SIMLA BUT I DID NOT FOUND IT ONLINE. Munish Aggarwal owner of Sunrise Villa Shimla, Sunrise Travels and Sunrise internet solutions, writes on a variety of topics including finance, technology, lifestyle and travel. The Kalka Shimla railway which is now officially declared a world heritage site is an amazing railway system covering the distance through 103 tunnels and 969 bridges; it has 919 curves 20 railway stations and 5 level crossings on the route. Interesting fact is that the lanterns which were used to stop and give green signals to the trains during the British period are till date in operation. In the present scenario the Shimla Kalka track spins like a silvery thread across beautiful terrains with tunnels and high bridges and connects Kalka at a height of 610 m with Shimla at a height 2135m. Footer Area #4Dummy text variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered. Contact our travel firm Pine Valley Holidays for all kinds of packages to these destinations. Now the Kalka-Shimla toy train is a stimulating desirability for the vacationers visits Shimla, more people travels by toy train now as compare to the heydays. During the summer holidays, demand for the toy train increases as a lot of people travel to Shimla.To cater to this increase in demand for the toy train, two holiday special trains run between Kalka  to Shimla and vice-versa. This train has properly cushioned seating arrangements, sliding windows and neat and clean carpeting.

It has cushioned standard chair car seats with large windows for greater views and good ambiance. It can accommodate a part of six persons and is equipped with folding cushioned bed, refrigerator, on-board-kitchen and dining table with cushioned chairs.  The fare includes complimentary accommodation of two luxurious retiring rooms at Shimla for the day and free meals en-route. After completing my journey I was keen enough to know the history and other details of this amazing toy train and its track.
We can say that this type of a unique railway system is truly a tribute to the engineers who actually dare to bore 107 tunnels out of which 103 are presently in use that too on such a difficult terrain HATS OFF!!
If you are going to use a passage of Lorem Ipsum.Alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which dont look even slightly believable. Today there are 102 tunnels, but numbering on tunnels has not changed because of tradition. It is suitable for the people who wish to experience  lifestyle of the top British officers. There are wooden coaches attached in this train with small windows and also there are plain wooden seats with no cushions. The fare for both Deluxe Rail Motor Car and Shivalik Deluxe Express is the same with a complimentary meal at the picturesque Railway Station of Barog.
The coach is equipped with ultramodern facilities and fittings like wall-to-wall carpets, altimeter, fancy lights, chrome plated luggage rack. The information which I gathered was quite enjoyable, which is why I though of sharing it with the readers. The 96 km journey by train from Kalka to Shimla offers an unforgettable experience. Almost half a century ago it was actually constructed in 1847 in an around November. Frequency of the trains between Kalka and Shimla route depends on the number of vacationers wants to take a trip by the train. This train also has first class coaches, the only tourist uses these coaches for travel between the two stations. Time-cum-temperature display unit, altimeter and route indication board gives valuable information while traveling.
Just 1 km away from the station lays a Forlong tunnel and the grave of this engineer, who tried to construct this tunnel but failed to align both the sides, therefore the loss of huge amount of public money involved, forced him to embrace death.
And had the tunnel been properly aligned, it would have been the longest railway tunnel in the world.

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