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The Amtrak Intercity Express 3-Car set is an add-on for the Starter Series and is packaged in a collectible Bookcase style box which has space for three additional cars and a locomotive. Kato’s Amfleet II cars feature smooth-rolling inside bearing trucks that maintain accuracy without sacrificing function. Now modelers can enjoy modeling Amtrak trains from the early 90’s such as the Missouri River Runner, which operates between St. For the first time, KATO is making the Intercity Amfleet II available in N scale along with Phase IV viewliners - at long last the dream of modeling 90's era Chicago-to-East Coast trains can be reality. An all-new collector’s set concept: KATO announces a complete Amtrak intercity express train set, featuring all new Amfleet II and Viewliner passenger cars from KATO! Each Set is complete with a locomotive, baggage car, Amfleet II Coach, Amfleet II Coach-Café, and two Viewliners, packaged in an elegant and collection-friendly book-style case. DCC Decorder for tail light control in the Daylight, California Zephyr, and Super Chief observation cars. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. This train was the top-of-the-line for UP, which marketed it as a direct competitor to the Super Chief, a streamlined passenger train operated by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, and the Golden State, a streamlined passenger train jointly operated by the Rock Island and Southern Pacific railroads.
May 15, 1936: The weekly City of Los Angeles makes its first run between Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California. 1941: The Hollywood, a lounge car built for use on the City of Los Angeles, becomes the first passenger car whose interior is built entirely out of synthetic materials, which featured the newly-invented materials formica (plastic) and naugahyde.
1956: The Challenger and the City of Los Angeles are combined into a single train, operated on the City of Los Angeles schedule. May 1, 1971: UP-operated long-distance rail service ends when the City of Los Angeles arrives at Los Angeles Union Station. The Carbodies of both the Viewliners and the Amfleet cars are meticulously recreated with crisply molded fluting down the sides and the distinct shape of each car.

This is the first time the Amfleet II will be manufactured in N scale – and will feature the care and eye for prototype details as well as running performance that KATO is famous for. Whether you're purchasing it for yourself or for a loved one to introduce them to the hobby, the Santa Fe Super Chief starter set is a great introduction to N Scale railroading, coming complete with a full oval of Kato Unitrack, a Kato power pack, a beautiful Santa Fe F7A locomotive, and three Super Chief cars (including the train's distinctive observation car). N Gauge Unitrack EP481-15R, Kato Precision Railroad Models, Japan & Usa, N scale Unitrack Model Railway track system points with point motors. As with the City of Los Angeles, many of the train's cars bore the names of locales in and around its namkesake city.
The Milwaukee Road takes over operation of the City of Los Angeles from the Chicago and North Western Railway between Chicago and Omaha. East of Omaha, the train was operated by the Chicago and North Western Railway until 1955, and by the Milwaukee Road thereafter. The selector screws on underside of point allow you to direct power to the track that your locomotive is working on.
In 1955 the Milwaukee Road assumed the service, replacing the Chicago and North Western between Chicago and Omaha. The Kato Unitrack point motors work on a 2 wire 12 volts DC voltage and need a Point Switch to work properly, the cable and plug for this are supplied with the points. All Unitrack points can be operated manually by using the switch in the ballast next to the blades.
The Kato Unitrack 9mm N scale track with integral ballasted roadbed is a unique rail system from Japan oozing with quality and stability. Made from robust materials and boasting Nickel-Silver rails, the N scale Unitrack from Kato precision railroad models, is designed in such a way it can be used with other brands of N gauge railway track.
Points and Crossings are already pre wired with point motors installed concealed in roadbed, so all are operable at the flick of a switch, eliminating the need to mount point motors under the table, which are hard to install and adjust.
Kato Precision Railroad Models, Sekisui Kinzoku Co Ltd, is a Japanese manufacturer of model railroad equipment.

Kato was established in 1957 & is based in Tokyo, Japan and in 1986 Kato USA was established. Kato manufactures models based on Japanese, North American prototypes & European high speed trains. Kato's Unitrack modular track system takes very little time to put together whether permanent or temporary, always the same result, an almost instant sturdy operational model railway enabling you more time for modelling n scale scenery and buildings. Having the Unitrack ballasted, with an integral roadbed, allows for the possibility to create scenic boards, as any of your chosen model railway displays will always be the same shape each time created, giving flexibility and choice along with easier storage if your creation has to be put away.
Because the Kato Unitrack system is already ballasted it has great stability along with superior connectivity thanks to their Unijoiner concept.
The Unijoiners allow sections to be snapped together quickly and securely, time and time again.
In a nut shell, no more faffing around with buckled warped rusty conventional track, soldering joints to avoid poor conductivity and hold the old track together. For stubborn spots, paint or glue on the rails it is recommended a soft rubberized abrasive eraser is used or a track cleaning car. A constant use of abrasives is NOT recommended which also includes sandpaper, steel wool & cleaning pads, any liquid that is not compatible with plastic or is of a caustic chemical compound.
The Kato Unitrack precision model railway system is immense, with every conceivable railway layout catered for, including ground level concrete & Wood sleeper track sections, Risers, Viaducts, Bridges, Twin Rail, Banked Curves and much much more ! The Kato Unitrack model railway system is compatible with all other N gauge Usa, European and Japanese N scale locomotives and train rolling stock such as Fleischmann, Minitrix, Peco, Graham Farish and Dapol. Rapido couplers.Non-JR TrainsI have some other non-JR trains (as well as a couple of JR West trains) listed elsewhere on this page.

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