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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Imagine if your kids play a toy train along a city, from a high bridge down to an airport to drop passengers that would fly with the airplane.
The look of this toy train set is wonderful while the toy itself enables your children to have hours of fun. This toy train table set is pretty complete and large enough for a few kids playing together.
Hey, you can only buy 3 of these.Leave some for the rest of us!Update the quantity in your cart. And to think, you could barely even say the words “choo choo” when we started this endeavor. You barely had any idea what a train was, much less what it did or why it needed track to get from here to there.

Now look at you, with the entire city of the Airport Express Train Set and Table at your fingertips.
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The trains go through a tunnel with helipad above it, up to a wonderful twisting bridge and down again to the airport. It also has interesting colors and espresso base color with imaginative design which are appealing for any child.
A lot of people told me I was a fool to think you’d ever find fun and excitement within the two storage drawers large enough to hold all the pieces and keep the play area tidy, but I knew better.
Not only are you happily navigating the train around gas pumps and street signs, you’re using the deluxe airport and tall control tower with antennae all on your own. With an airport scene on a convenient trundle table, they'll guide vehicles over and around all day.

The train set puts an entire city at your child's fingertips while the table keeps playtime off the floor and close to eye level.
I could see in your eyes the grand destiny that awaited you in those 100 pieces including a three-piece train, helicopter, spiral track and mountain tunnel. I wonder if Ringo Starr felt like this when he passed the conductor’s hat to George Carlin.
KidKraft takes the role of leadership in the industry seriously and has a great deal of appreciation for wonderful and loyal customers. Because KidKraft was founded by engineers, the integrity of their designs is apparent beyond what the eye can see, resulting in low product returns and high customer satisfaction.

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