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Dinosaur Train Set and Table for Children by Kidkraft My Account Login or RegisterAlready registered? If you want the details of the standard and the quote, please contact with us by E-mail, telephone or fax. The company is located in "the hometown of dinosaur" a€”Zigong, we pay more attention to the dinosaur than others and learn more about dinosaurs.
Over 20 yearsa€™ experience in Dinosaurs recoveryi??We have accumulated 20 years of experience in dinosaur recovery, that makes our products more stable and reliable.

We provide product warranty for 24 months, this is different from other brand products of the company.
Reasonable distribution of work to make our delivery cycle is more stable, quality more reliable and prices more cheaper. More than 20 countries around the world use our products, more than 600 simulation dinosaur products are exported to foreign countries. Answer:Yes, Our model`s size,colr,movements,shape all can be customized as customer`s requirements.

Young boys and girls will love pushing the train cars in and out of the lava-filled volcano and through the tunnel made of dinosaur bones.
Our 95-piece Dinosaur Train Set & Table is perfect for any of the budding archeologists in your life.

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