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The message to Train Town PD was clear: deliver one million ice cream sandwiches to the drop-off point or say bye-bye to Jumbo Bridge.
He'd even switched the only six street signs in town, leading to pandemonium during the morning commute.
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I'm Brooke, a stay at home mom to a sweet 2 year old little boy and wife to the most supportive husband in the world! For weeks, the criminal mastermind known only as "Dakody" had been terrorizing the citizens of Train Town. So if it was frozen treats he wanted, if that's what it took to keep the peace, then that's what the Chief was going to give him.

He lifted the wrapper into his hands and looked about, desperate for an answer to why this had happened. Perhaps all Dakody had wanted was to watch it all melt in the warm summer sun as the city's children looked on, wishing for a treat they could never have. When they were older and could still look with pride upon the sturdy wooden train system that had supported them all for decades, maybe then they would better appreciate sacrifice they all were making.
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