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Although the Broward Auto Mall and Richard Winters have been selling Classic Cars for quite sometime now.
Just this week, DaCobraman sold a gorgeous Tangerine Orange Hunter Cobra with a smoking hot Ford 427 small block pumping out almost 500 horsepower and producing almost the same amount of tire smoking power and torque that you would expect from a Shelby Cobra.
And just to get you really excited about Cobra Kit Cars For Sale, last month DaCobraman managed to sell one of his favorite Replicas out there.
The Inventory of Cobra Kit Cars For Sale is always changing, but rest assured, DaCobraman always seems to find a Serpent to buy or sell. And just so you know, the Broward Auto Mall and Richard Winters have sold a wide variety of Cobra Kit Cars For Sale.
As following are some of the different Cobra Kit Cars for Sale that DaCobraman would love to own, as well as sell, are the Kirkham Cobra and the Superformance Cobra.
Give them a call at the Broward Auto Mall and ask for DaCobraman, he can always be reached at 786 285-9747. This entry was posted in cobra replicas, cobras for sale, shelby cobras for sale and tagged bam427, broward auto mall, Cobra Kit Cars For Sale, cobras for sale in florida, dacobraman, richard winters. Raw Phoenix (2014)Classic good looks combined with Raw`s chassis and engine options will guarantee this car not only looks good but performs very well too.

Westfield 7 Sport (FW) (2013)Amazing opportunity to get a Westfield 7 that is almost brand new, for a fraction of the price. Yamaha R1 Track Trike (2014)Road Legal R1s Reverse Trike Rare opportunity to own this road legal vehicle. Today, there are many manufacturers providing kits to either build over your existing car or providing turnkey vehicles for a little heftier price. If you have a couple of grand burning a hole in your pocket, a garage and a decent set of tools and know how, you could create your own one-of-a-kind auto that would turn heads wherever you drove it. Thanks for visiting!Cobra Kit Cars For Sale – Current Inventory of the Broward Auto Mall.
We cannot explain it, but there are always a few Cobras deals going on when it comes to DaCobraman. Last year the Cobra Kit Cars For Sale reached and all time high for the Broward Auto Mall and Richard Winters.
Completed and IVA tested in 2013 (passed first time), by it's then owner who is a design engineer at Jaguar cars. This R1 Super Reverse Trike delivers mind altering performance, speed, handling and acceleration.

It is the only registered J15 with the engine that the car was designed for, the Ford Zetec SE 1400. The base donor car could be anywhere from a VW Beetle, and old Corvette or even a Chevy S10 pickup. And if by chance you are looking to sell your current Shelby Cobra, then by all means, please allow the Broward Auto Mall the opportunity to market, advertise and sell your Shelby Cobra for you. He has personally owned four Cobras at one time, all of which were equipped with the Real McCoy, the infamous and legendary Ford FE 427 Sideoiler Race engine that originally came in the Cobras from the 1960’s. Three of the Shelby Cobras were produced by Contemporary Motorcars of Mamaroneck, New York.

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