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The goal was simple — produce a car that had been in my head for more than few months and spend much less money than a single service trip with a Bugatti Veyron would cost (MUCH less).
The only snag that occurred happened when figuring out the differential.  Trying to maximize the amount of wheel horsepower, I wanted to maintain a chain drive system over converting the engine into a shaft drive. With the drivetrain, suspension, and interior installed, the only thing left was the bodywork. The amazing part of all of this is that I have never once even talked to the guy over the phone, relying completely on a forum update and my Sunday morning emails. FeaturedKit cars come in a bewildering range of body shapes and performance options, from simple three-wheelers through to blistering motorcycle powered supercars. In order to do this we need to ask ourselves a few questions in the cold light of day without the giddy excitement of a show or manufacturers sales rep to interfere with our decision making.Newest VideosWhat will we use the car for?
There is a kit car for almost every possible use, so in order to narrow down our list of possible projects we need to be realistic and decide what we are going to use the finished vehicle for. For example if you want a car to use as a source of income as a wedding car then you can rule out models such as the cobras or the Lotus Sevens as they are simply not suitable.

Of course, in this instance the range is pretty limited to a Beauford Tourer or one of the other classic vintage replicas such as the Royale Windsor.
We really need to set a budget for the project as with any hobby it is very easy to spend considerably more than you intended when you add in all the shiny bits. OK, you want a sporty weekend warrior that you can scream along leafy country lanes on dry Sunday mornings.
Maybe you prefer a sports car with a look that reflects your character rather than a clone of something else. Whatever you finally choose, remember that buying and building a kit car is a fun and satisfying hobby that you can enjoy for years. The XR3 Personal Transit Vehicle (PTV) is a super-fuel-efficient two-passenger plug-in hybrid that achieves 125 mpg on diesel power alone, 225 mpg equivalent when diesel and electric power are used in series, and performance like a conventional automobile.
Besides, the chain drive looks as cool as Steve McQueen giving the peace sign in a mug shot. Of course we shouldn't forget the ever popular Cobra replicas, based on the original Shelby Cobra of the Sixties.

So in order to make an informed decision, as opposed to simply jumping at the first project we stumble across, is to take a little time to figure out what we are hoping for and whether we can complete it with the tools and skills available. This can be achieved in a diverse selection of vehicle styles so you'll still need to narrow your choices down a bit.
A pile full of steel tubing and a 2004 Hayabusa engine found their way into the bender and on the build table. As a general rule, the cheaper the kit car, the more work you will need to do as a builder.

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