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Canarsie is at the eastern terminus of the L train (officially known as the BMT Canarsie Line), so to get there yesterday I decided to ride the length of the L. This entry was posted in Bonus posts and tagged Brooklyn, Canarsie, L train, Manhattan, MTA, New York City subways, people-watching, slideshows, subway porn?. In popular culture, science-fiction stories look more like the real world than ever before. A fourth-generation Floridian returns to the Sunshine State to photograph this extreme Southern sport.
The reality show’s emphasis on the survival stories of its contestants reveals how performance can be empowering. The pharmaceutical giant imposes new controls to prevent its drugs from being used in executions. A federal judge found the Maricopa County sheriff failed to follow an order related to a racial-profiling case. Pundits are calling foul on the presumptive Republican nominee for starting to court donors, but he’s depended on donations and loans to himself all along. Whether red or white, whether drunk by Alicia Florrick or Olivia Pope, the beverage has become a metaphor for anxieties that are uniquely feminine in their form. Thieves who stole $81 million from the central bank of Bangladesh may also be connected to a second bank heist, as well as the  2014 Sony email hacks.
Missouri voters will decide on a constitutional amendment that would require photo identification in order to participate in elections. Yorgos Lanthimos’s allegorical rumination on finding a mate is witty, cruel, and deeply unsettling. Mustafa Amine Badreddine was killed in an explosion near Damascus, the Lebanese Shiite militia group said in a statement.
The FEC has notified the campaign that thousands of its 2.4 million contributors may be violating federal limits.

In a letter sent Friday, federal officials warn local districts not to discriminate against students using restrooms. Great news for anyone who commutes from NJ to NYC: the city is thinking about extending the number 7 train right to Secaucus, New Jersey, meaning a ride from Midtown would be just about 16 minutes. According to a recently released study, adding a 7 train line extension across the Hudson can accommodate an extra 128,000 commuters a day. Though there’s no definitive financial plan for how much the project would cost, the idea here is that in a bi-state partnership and with federal and city funding underwriting the project, the tunnel would extend the number 7 train service through Midtown, cross the river and connect with the existing Frank R. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. A new analysis of MTA data by NYU grad student Carson Qing shows that the L train is every bit as busy at 1am every night of the week as it is during the traditional weekday rush hours.
An MTA spokesman pointed to service increases on the L last year when asked about the study.
The tunnel that carries New York's L train is now dry, and service workers are busy making repairs.
Until full service returns, commuters from Williamsburg will continue to crowd onto the J, M, and Z trains running into Manhattan, especially as the Nor'easter hitting the area makes biking and walking to work unpleasant or impossible.
Since the beginning of the year I have been experimenting with slowing down my shutter speed to try and create more evocative images.
And the return of the city's gray line means that the MTA's animated GIF of trains coming back to life is nearly complete. The current mode of transportation that many NJers employ to get into Manhattan, the Path train, is less than ideal and the other option, buses out of Port Authority, isn’t much better.
With the demand for mass transit between New Jersey and Manhattan increasing (it’s expected to balloon by 38 percent by 2030), the need for another way to get daily commuters in and out of the city isn’t about convenience, it’s about necessity. Qing believes the data shows that the MTA should increase service on the Canarsie-bound train, which has seen its ridership double since 2005.

Currently, the train is running between Rockaway Park and Broadway Junction, but not into or through Manhattan. For your subway-edification, I give you a slideshow of my ride from Eighth Avenue to Canarsie — Rockaway Parkway and back. Certain images are heightened when the shutter speed is slowed and the background, subject, or both are blurred. For New Jersey residents, the hassle of living over yonder while making a living in a New York office can prove to be a tiring experience, but the possibility of a 7 train line extension could mean a world of difference.
Subsequently, the move would call for improvements to Grand Central, Time Square and Bryant Park where the 7 train is already servicing passengers. This style of photography was significantly advanced during the 1960s by a group of Japanese photographers, the most famous of which nowadays is Daido Moriyama.
I’ve been using WordPress on several websites for about a year and am anxious about switching to another platform.
When this style of blur (or “bure” in Japanese”) technique is employed successfully it can create extremely evocative images that leave something to the imagination of the viewer. They skirt the line between representation and symbolism infusing the subject matter with emotion. I will be posting more of this style in the near future, as well as my thoughts on what the style or technique means, and how it can be employed.

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