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This item is in very good, played-with condition, in a fair-good condition box with taped repairs to the lid. The set also includes 2 Pullman Coaches; Marjorie and Aurelia, an oval of track, connecting plates and original key. Christmas Trading Hours: We will be closed from 5pm Tues 22nd Dec until 10am Tue 29th Dec.
Young or old, keen modeller or just a beginner, the Hornby RailRoad range answers the needs of many and is a perfect complement to the variety of locomotives, rolling stock, track, buildings, and accessories that can be found in the current Hornby catalogue.

The introductory range offers not only a selection of individual locomotives, rolling stock and accessories but an assortment of train and wagon packs ideally suited for either train set rolling stock enhancements or for those who wish to experiment and try their hands at developing their modelling techniques! Devoid of easily damaged detail parts the suitably livered RailRoad locomotives are fitted with efficient drive mechanisms and have pickups on all drive wheels ensuring smooth running. All the RailRoad models are fitted with the standard Hornby hook and bar type couplings and will therefore easily couple to those locomotives and rolling stock in both the standard Hornby and Thomas & Friends ranges.
With this in mind it is easy to see that those models that make up the Hornby RailRoad range are a simple and cost effective way of adding to a train set providing a suitable and most appropriate stepping stone into the varied and fascinating World of model railways.

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