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I posted on an existing thread in general section about this laser but as it is now fully functioning and I have written the tutorial I decided to put it in the right section.
The only problem that is see with a more powerful laser is that you would need a better cooling system and a bigger battery. 2) I really dislike installing batteries in a parallel circuit without some kind of current control between them. It is pointed the wrong way for a couple of reasons, the main one is the focus point can be easily be found as it is right on the edge of the lid, so hold the cigar against the lid and it lights.I can engrave plastic and wood by resting the lid on the surface, it keeps it in perfect focus.

Correct on the more power, I had to weigh power to room available, the Blu-ray gives a much higher mw output per ma input ratio than IR or red. As to the eye safe I would not suggest lighting a cigar with it in your mouth, it works well enough just getting it to smoke. You will see it took around 9 seconds to light a cigar, I would say that the batteries had been well used during the day before I made the video.
That’s actually so cool it makes me want to take up smoking just so that I can own one of these.

I have built and used higher powered lasers than this, I am well aware of the dangers which is why I have safety glasses to wear when burning or engraving. I do not have the cigar in my mouth when I light it, Ok I burnt my thumb, which I found funny so did not edit it out of the video and it made a point.

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