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Please feel free to use the blog below to share information about Laser Hair Removal or to ask Dr.
Hello I had my first laser treatment on my face about a month ago and im loving it the results and that’s just after 1 treatment.
The consultation for laser hair reduction is complimentary with our aestheticians, and treatment fee for nipples includes both for $65. Although laser hair removal has been available for over 20 years, no real advances have been made for auburn or light hair with laser technology. We offer laser hair reduction for the entire body, electromagnetic energy treatment for underarms and electrolysis for small areas on the face. Please schedule an appointment for complimentary consultation with one of our aestheticians.
Increasing dark coarse hair is most often a trait that runs within families but rarely it can signify a hormonal problem or side effect of certain medications such as cyclosporine, minoxidil, androgens or steroids. Dating back as far as 4,000 BC the removal of body hair including the pubic area has been a custom of women.
While a Brazilian can be a variety of different hair removal styles that remove almost all pubic hair from the pubic region, a full Brazilian removes it all, leaving no hair whatsoever. Dr Sharma trained in dermatology from University of Toronto in 2004 followed by one year training in fine surgical techniques and lasers. As the treated area is small, a $400-$600 can reduce, and sometimes eliminate, the need to shave or vax this area. After years of repeat shaving and waxing women and men can not go a series of laser treatments that will save them the time, pain, and cost of the other alternatives. Most people with dark hair will see significant reduction after 3-4 laser treatments especially when hair is dark and the skin is fair.
Treatment with electrolysis, electromagnetic energy and intense pulsed light (IPL) are currently the best to afford laser hair reduction when hair has a red tone or is light.Electrolysis is suitable when light hair needs to be removed in small areas such as on the upper lip or chin. Due to the relative inefficiency of IPL for laser hair reduction, we do not offer this treatment for hair.
I just came from Ideal Image which seems fairly expensive but wanted to look at other options and pricing before making my decision. When treating hair by laser, it is expected to need more than the average number of treatments when treatment begins before most terminal hair has formed. If you’ve been thinking about getting a Brazilian, consider Brazilian laser hair removal over waxing or shaving for a more permanent solution. The removal of pubic hair by Western women became more common when bathing suits became abbreviated, starting in 1945.

Choose to leave a neat strip, triangle, or no hair whatsoever… it’s completely your choice! She is board certified both in Canada and USA and is a member and fellow of many respected societies. Evaluation by a dermatologist is always preferred but not always necessary as hair around nipples is not usually associated with endocrinologic disorder. In my opinion, electrolysis for hair removal is cost prohibitive and I will strongly discourage it.
The dark hair first started showing on the sideburns which I started plucking since I was in college. If almost all hair follicles are in production at the start of the treatment, you will have about 90 % reduction of the hair after 6 treatments. I understand that sometimes other appointments run over but I took time off work to come here and I felt like I spent most of my time here waiting to see her.
Brazilian laser hair removal at Ideal Image is and has been one of our most popular laser hair removal treatments over the years. Changes in lingerie styles have also encouraged the removal of pubic hair throughout the years. These laser hair removal procedures are our most popular because many women love the idea of not having to worry about bikini bumps and ingrown hairs, and just love that fresh clean feeling every single day of the year.
Her special interests include Advanced lasers for scarring, rosacea, hair removal, botox and fillers. If you have dark coarse hair in areas where normally only men have hair, evaluation by one of our dermatologists is needed before hair reduction starts. The hair on my head is auburn, and the hair on my forearms tends to be more brownish, but I also have significant hair on my upper arms (I’ve noticed on a lot of people, they seem to not have a lot of hair on their upper arms, but I do).
Electromagnetic energy takes much less treatments than traditional laser hair removal but the device is only available for the armpits. Electromagnetic energy will probably be available for body areas in addition to underarms in the very near future. Than later as time passed the dark hair kept on showing more on the sideburns, on the chin, neck and breast. Do you have a trained electrologist on staff to complement laser treatment or could you recommend one? If facial hair is not a family trait and your daughter shows other signs of puberty, a medical evaluation may also be necessary.
If you start one week after your last plucking, you will need 7 treatments to get the same results.

Today’s models must wear garments of an extreme narrowness in both the front and back of the bikini area. Not having to waste time every morning or repeatedly paying for temporary solutions like waxing are key reasons why Brazilian laser hair removal has become so popular with our guests at Ideal Image.
Later this year, we expect the availability of this technology for other areas on face and body.
Unfortunately, treatment with electrolysis is too tedious to provide this in the bikini area. My problem is that the hair on my upper arms, though it is thick, is very light colored – like dirty blonde. Two treatments will remove 80-90% of hair and sweating is reduced by the same percentage at the same time.
Over the past decades the desire to remove more hair has made the Brazilian a very common place choice for women everywhere.
Some insurance plans require a copay, sometimes you might have a coinsurance and sometimes you might have a deductible to fulfill before your healthcare coverage begins. This treatment is available for the armpits at this time and is anticipated to be available for other areas in the near future. I would like someone to consult with me honestly to tell me which method is best suited to my arms, with transparency about both cost and effectiveness.
It would be great if laser could be done effectively on my forearms, reserving electrolysis for my upper arms. During our lifetime, hormonal influences will turn dormant hair follicles into productive hair follicles and therefore, maintenance will be needed.
I had a bad experience with failed laser hair removal through a groupon at a less-than-professional site, and don’t want to repeat that. In general, most people will choose maintenance treatment every 1-3 years after laser hair reduction on arms.
From all that I’m seeing here, Ringpfeil seems professional and reputable, and I would like to set up a consultation if possible. Women with hirsutism or polycystic ovarian trait will require more treatments to achieve 80-90 reduction of the hair and will likely have maintenance treatments every 6 months.

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