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In addition to the digital single of the song released on January 17, the JoJo anime visual will be also featured on the Japanese edition CD jacket of the band's upcoming first best album "Essential Collection -Last Train Home." The 12-song best album containing their hit songs such as "Last Train Home," "Have You Heard" and "Here To Stay" will be released in Japan on March 4.
A family embarks on an annual tormenting journey along with 200 other million peasant workers to reunite with their distant family, and to revive their love and dignity as China soars as the world's next super power. De ouders in deze familie werken in een kledingfabriek terwijl hun kinderen (een jongen en een meisje die bijna 16 is) nog in het dorp zijn blijven wonen. Het is hartverscheurend om te zien dat families uit elkaar worden gescheurd omdat ouders moeten werken om te overleven. Last Train Home doucments that every year, 130 million workers return from China’s industrial cities to their homes in the countryside. This movie is also good for those who never visit China, as most of the time, the media tend to show the good stories, not the truth. The skill of Lixin Fan is remarkable as he captures their experiences and this is a very moving film. Chinese-Canadian director Lixin Fan initially sets the scope for his 2009 documentary Last Train Home incredibly wide, shooting masses of impatient, crowded people all trying to get to the same place first. But then, Fan goes intimate and takes us into the lives of Changhua Zhan and Suqin Chen, a married couple working in a clothing factory in the city of Guangzhou.
Last Train Home serves as both an extremely personal portrait (one that grows increasingly uncomfortable as the film progresses) and an examination of a microcosm of a large portion of Chinese society, where socioeconomic factors have driven millions to move away from their families in hopes of giving them an eventual better life. Changhua and Suqin are adamant about seeing their children succeed in school, and their love for their son and daughter is plainly apparent. Last Train Home shows the work of an expert filmmaker both in its production and post-production elements. The DVD features about 15 minutes of extra footage, divided between scenes from the Guangzhou train station and Qin’s travel from the country to Shenzhen City. The song was originally included in the jazz fusion band's 1987 album "Still Life (Talking)," which won the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Fusion Performance in the following year.
A B2-size poster featuring the TV anime key visual will be given to the purchasers till the stock lasts.
Het is zeer moeilijk om een treinkaartje te kopen, de treinen zelf zitten bomvol en je moet soms dagen wachten voordat je het station in kan.

Er is simpelweg te weinig geld te verdienen in een dorp, dus ze moeten naar de grote steden toe.
This temporary shift in population, which the film calls the largest human migration in the world, is one of those numbers that seem impossible to comprehend.
The factories are not demonized in this film, in fact, it shows us how dependent the people are on it.
There was one scene which I found particularly memorable where the father, a largely silent and disillusioned man, strikes his daughter repeatedly because he feels she does not appreciate what he and his wife have done for her.
I liked this film so much that I can only strongly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in film at all. The film makes it clear that Changhua and Suqin don’t find it to be a fulfilling life, but they do it for the good of their children.
Whether shooting masses of people or just a pair; the industrial emptiness of the factory or the natural beauty of the country, Fan captures images that give the viewer a distinct sense of place, and each location feels tangible. The theatrical trailer is also included as well as a booklet featuring a short interview with Fan.
Om dat aantal duidelijk te maken, het is alsof de hele bevolking van Engeland EN Frankrijk ergens anders heen zou moeten verhuizen.
Ik kan me bijna niet voorstellen dat je de rest van je familie achterlaat en ze slechts een keer in het jaar kan zien, maar het is de realiteit waar veel mensen in leven. Director Lixin Fan chose to focus the Zhangs, factory workers who left their country village 16 years ago when their children were infants.
Train stations are stuffed to the breaking point with travelers and tickets are at a premium. Eventually, with only a few days to spare, they are able to purchase a pair at enormously inflated prices. Qin’s utter rejection of that ideal leads to several difficult moments that Fan captures with an unblinking intensity. The film is also edited with a lyrical grace that builds to moments of tension without feeling contrived.
Deze documentaire maakt duidelijk dat die manier van leven een grote impact heeft op het gezin.

Wanneer het de ouders uiteindelijk lukt om thuis te komen geven ze de zoon wel een kado, maar hij krijgt bijna meteen te horen dat hij beter z’n best op school moet doen. Their absence was in the hope they’d make enough money to support their children through their education, something the parents are desperate to provide to give them a better quality of life. So many work there so they can scrap together enough money to help their families in the country.
The situation represents a microcosm of a huge societal change, and the end results are unpredictable. They can finally journey home to the countryside to see their children, 17-year-old Qin and younger brother Yang, who live with their grandmother.
Alle werknemers in de grote fabrieken gaan dan terug naar hun familie om Chinees nieuwjaar te vieren. Last Train Home won the Best Feature-Length Documentary award at the 22nd International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and was nominated for a similar award at Sundance.
The film builds on the work of the documentary China Blue which examines the experience of Chinese migrants working in a blue jean factory. Baffled, he wants by all means to obtain such a weapon of destruction and he finds himself caught in a violent group of young vicious punks.
Deze documentaire kijkt naar een van die families die ook deel uit maken van deze grote migratie. The camera captures expressions and scenes of humanity that speak volumes of the lifelong ordeal of China’s migrant workers.
Alhoewel haar ouders graag zien dat ze hard studeert eindigt ze ook op in de stad om hetzelfde te doen als haar ouders. It shows that while the Chinese economy booms because of this immense export capability, family life and social cohesion suffer. In a rebellious frame of mind, Qin decides to leave school and go to work in a factory just like her parents, thinking that that is the path to freedom.

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