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I’ve been a bit late on the movie bandwagon and Last Train Home has been one of those movies I have been meaning to see for a while now. The premise is simple: follow the 130 million migrant workers of China from Guanzhou to the countryside as they make their way home for the Chinese New Year. I think the powerful part of the movie lies in the way the director allows the viewer to almost feel as though he or she is taking part in this journey, a fly on the wall whose presence, despite the camera, is largely ignored. Come in tanti altri casi bellissime melodie possono essere riprese dal repertorio di altri strumenti se non dagli stessi cantanti. Despite it having been produced in 2009, it came out to general audiences in the United States in September of this year.

The movie shadows a family (Suqin Chen, Zhang Changhua, their daughter Qin and son Yang) and their fractured paths as the parents come back to villages they had left early in their lives in search for money.
There are no narratives to overshadow the electrifying emotions that unfold on the screen, no judgements, no assurances, no soft fuzzy blanket.
It’s powerful documentary with a lot of raw emotions, and I hope to do it justice here. Feeling somewhat abandoned by her parents (who themselves are probably unwilling to share their toils in the factories), Qin rebels against her parents’ desires for her to stay in school. In the end, The Last Train Home likely translates well into a window into many families across the world and the complex package of emotions that I think many people will be able to relate to.

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