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In regard to these instructions, I was looking for them the other day and since LEGO changed their site, it looks like they took them off. If you can read ldraw files I can probably dig up my own models (6 and 22) and maybe some others. Perfect timing, just finshed rebuilding the set's inventory after a year or so of being mixed in my son lego pile. I think initially the box came without any instructions as it was designed to encourage people to use Lego Factory (hence the 30 model instructions) but so many people complained TLG later produced printed instructions for the main model. As member of the Hobby Train Crew I can say that we did all models in MLCad, but we were not allowed to share these files online. QuoteRegarding the building instructions for the 30 alternative train models we are working on developing some .pdfA?s that we plan to include on the consumer service web-site. These are the instructions for building the LEGO Trains Hobby Trains that was released in 2007. The instructions only run in Digital Designer so even if someone downloads the files, you will have to have a computer new enough to run the software. Once you have them and go to building guide mode, they do an animated build which takes some getting used to as you have to constantly rotate your point of view to see where the additions take place. So, if someone still has these files, I would really appreciate if it could send them to me, or show me where on internet I could find them.

For those who need them or missed out on purchasing the set, here are the original building instructions from the LEGO Factory website.
Most of the train community don't make instructions as such, but will often show tricky techniques off in their photo sets on flickr and brickshelf.
Thankfully I only had to use them to work out which bricks were missing as LDD did a reasonable job of the import on the whole.
I have copies of the pdf files but they jusssst don't do the job (although they were better then nothing).
The instructions were added before release but were printed too late to be added to the boxes. These files were used for the rendering of the models for the Box art and the inspiring sheet. Hope to build an amended version incorporating dark green to stand in as a small engine of the same company as running Emerald Night (hope to do a little station scene with the two engines as part of a planned winter village scene).
The construction plans can directly use you with the officiele construction programme of lego themselves. It comes with instruction to build 1 model and it says you can build another 29 models with instructions for each that can be downloaded on the Lego website. I'm sure there are some people who has the same dilemma as I do and would love to get a copy of each of these said instructions.

The nice part is being able to re-run the build for tricky parts that may have been hard to figure out in the traditional single point of view printed instructions. Those PDFs are truly horrible and it can't have been easy to see where the parts that LDD objected to were supposed to go. I genuinely don't think it would be possible to build some of the models from that PDF alone, the old LDD HTML instructions bordered on useless. I built the crocodile engine with the hobby train set because that was the only one it showed you how to build in the instructions but there is heaps of different trains on the box.
I will surely let you know when it's time for me to build 1 (or some) of the other models.
There are a few exceptions; do a search for Ben on brickshelf, most of his train folders include ldraw files which you can use to recreate the model. Is there anywhere i can download the building instructions for the other trains as i would realy like to make one of the diesel freight trains on the box.

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