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And some Architecture-inspired designs, space (2-wide), and other designs in my mini models gallery.
Please return to your excellent 6wide designs, which brought me out of my dark ages a decade ago. I have seen your excellent 6-wide locomotives based on German, Danish and American prototypes. What I like you to design, in 6-wide (and one if you want), is a Swedish classic locomotive called class DA. The place for General LEGO Discussions such as the LEGO website, general LEGO inquries and everything else not included in our forums. You could make your own custom tracks or use the narrow tracks from the batman or indiana jones or alien conquest mothership sets. To bring high-quality, interactive layouts to both train shows and LEGO events, as a group or in collaboration with other clubs. To improve the quality, quantity, and visibility of LEGO model railroading throughout the great nation of Texas and beyond!

Our first official event as a group was in February 2013 at the Great Train Expo in Houston. Since then, we've exhibited at more than 30 events: LEGO shows, train shows, Maker Faires, and more. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. If anyone has knowledge regarding these collectible building blocks please contact me so that I can update this description with accurate information. Vintage Lego Collection Expert Builder Samsonite Universal Building Sets 30 Pounds - All of these have bricks. These are the instructions for building the LEGO Creator Mini Train that was released in 2008.
These sets from the mid-1970s to early 1990s held my hand, tutored and mentored me into an understanding and appreciation of ever clever construction techniques and the introduction of many new element shapes-- partly SNOT elements. A simple one-stud circular plate can be a sandwich, or a person, or a snowball, or a light, or a wheel all depending upon the bricks that surround or connect to it.

The lamp holder element plus the two flanking 1x1 round plates allows the side tiles to attach. We have traveled as far as Atlanta (for the National Train Show) and Chicago, IL (for Brickworld) to take part in joint events with other clubs. In the foreground is TJ Avery's 10-foot all-LEGO reproduction of the Pennybacker Bridge in Austin. It is simple enough to build each car individually or build a full train as one connected consist. Mechnical motors such as the pull back motors and windup motors can only run a few seconds at best.

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