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Singles are: Emerald Night, RC Cargo Train Deluxe, LEGO Express Deluxe, SF Super Chief, BNSF, Metroliner, High Speed Train and the Hobby Train Box.
In addition, although you may not count these, I have gotten the latest Hogwart's Express and the TS3 Train (which I PF motorized). So that makes 25 trains currently built, or 27 locomotives if you break the Santa Fe Super Chief up.
I've only recently got back into Lego over the past year, having dug out my childhood collection from the loft and falling in love with it again.
I also have some of the My Own Train carriages - 10013 Open Freight Wagon, 10015 Green Passenger Wagon, 10016 Tanker and 10017 Hopper Wagon - but not the locomotive (yet!).

It has lights in the cabin area and ligths on top of the train car! I used the lights from my other 9V sets which are compatible withe the 9V system used by the train. I am not a trains expert, but I think it's an original idea bringing the truck on track.
The collection K7895 Oval Track for RC Trains contains 2x 7896 Straight & Curved Rails and 1x 7895 Switching Tracks for RC Trains. One of the old sets was 4559 Cargo Railway and from the moment I rebuilt that I decided I had to get into Lego trains.
Decided to take parts from the 3221 Lego truck and other yellow pieces from my stash to create a Lego locomotive.

As you can see, I used a transparent 1x2 brick to cover the lights which was used in the Cargo train deluxe set which is green in color. It's what everyone talks about regarding nature issues, bringing more transports from road to train tracks. Good to see the trailer as well, but as a train it could do with a few more trailers like that, then they could transport even more LEGO boxes to the CITY store! Maybe you could make good ones out of other LEGO sets which would identify with what they originally were?

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