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Saisissez votre code postal, votre ville ou votre pays pour trouver le magasin LEGO le plus procheA ! If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. The crossover on the right of the attached image is ideally what I want, but of course there are no track pieces like this, so I have tried my own solution on the left with Track A and Track B. There is a horizontal and vertical displacement of 2 studs or so as you can see, this I assume is due to the fact that while the straight part of the junctions is the same as two regular straight tracks, the curves of the junctions are not equal to two curved peices of track. I want two ovals of track where trains can run on each independently but can cross from A to B and also from B to A without having to reverse etc.
I've achieved this by using points facing each other with an isolating track in between them on my 12v loops. The blue track section is simply to highlight the location of the isolating track from a 12v signal. To switch a train from one loop to the other I simply stop one on a signal in the station area, make sure the current from both power controllers is running trains the same direction and open the points to switch the train from track to track, then repeat the process with the other train. This set-up suits me as it gives a gap between the loops for a platform, though further playing around with loops and points can bring the tracks next to each other if you want to. I think your first pic has the parallel tracks too close together- possibly of passing trains coming into contact?

The majority of my white sleepers are new (to me) but generally in good condition, I think the light of the photos makes them look whiter than they are however.
If you've got a late 1990's Ford Taurus and are in need of a new camshaft position sensor hopefully these instructions can save you some money by doing it yourself. If you want to take a look inside various electronic items look no further, I'll be adding a lot more items shortly. If you were looking for the "Replace LCD Backlight Inverter on Any Monitor for Follow this link for the Replace LCD Backlight Inverter on Any Monitor for .
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About 2 years ago I saw someone had built a tandem bicycle from 2 bicycles, a broomstick and some duct tape. I've gone through 2 Omni-Filter Faucet Filters which have both broken or leaked before they were ever used. The solution seems to be keeping the curves out of the picture all right (although probably not for the 9V since the junctions are different).
I guess it's all about cancelling out the curve changes by the direction of the junctions etc.

I see your point about more straights, the train (Cargo #7939) tends to sway a bit with all those junctions and the blue junctions aren't that secure so the odd derailment does occur. A good idea but I've a big supply of blue junctions now and would have to do 4 conversions of blue track to PF track.
So I decided that a LCD overhead projector would be a better investment since it seemed like a fairly fun thing to try out.
Each loop is powered by a separate 12v controller and the isolating tracks (between the points)prevent short circuits which means I can run trains in opposite directions to each other. Trains may hit eachother, I only have one going around at the moment, must try it with a stationary train on a parallel track as well.
The battery box is clean and the engine runs beautifully on three (3) modern C cell batteries.

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