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I don't like the Bachmann E-Z track too much cause the tracks don't stay together, so already I can't trust these tracks. Lastly, I may refer you to the 'Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Company' thread at the top of this HO Forum page. Thank you for the help, you've definetely sent me in the right direction I'll stick to Code 83. There are a bunch of these very popular MRC brand powerpacks on ebay for around $25 to $60. I think I'm going to stick with the Life-Like Power Loc track, so I hope one of those power packs is compatible. I have ran up to seven N scale locomotives lashed together at once just to test the powerpack and it seemed to have no problem but got a bit warmer than usual. I used the Bachman power lock (ballasted) track on my old 4x8 and couldn't really complain.
It seemed like I had to frequently clean the track, like it would get a buildup of tarnish on it. Using latex painters caulk (get the kind WITHOUT silicone) to hold track is recommended by many modelers here.

Sectional and flex track uses metal rail joiners to connect the sections together and hold them in alignment. Right now my layout is 96 pieces of atlas sectional track with only four feeders at evenly spaced intervals. January 29, 2013 by TSC Leave a Comment This is quantity 4 – straight 9 inch tracks. You’ve probably seen some amazing model train layouts at train shows and wondered how you could ever learn the same skills?
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Unfortunately on this or any other model railroad website you will get nearly as many answers to what is best, for example, as there are respondents.
I won't use the flex track, because it seems like atlas flex track doesn't like to hold it's shape.
The only soldered rail joiners are where those feeders are soldered to the bottoms of the rail joiners.
While I don't have a use for any track with molded on ballast I don't get excited about someone who uses it.

The same is true of non-molded ballast track, they are generally compatible with each other. Unless applied very carefully, the track will need to be ballasted to hide the white caulk. Other tracks are not rigid, and bend as the train passes over them, not these.  This track is excellent for hard floors as well as carpet.
Having feeder wires soldered to the track every 2-3 feet is probably more important than soldering rail joiners. There are some differences between each brands profiles, but not enough to make a difference. There are numerous different opinions on soldering rail joiners and how many feeders to use.

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