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Or so said the copy for the new 1976 #6-1076 fluorescent electric clock from the Fundimensions of General Mills Fun Group, Inc.
There have been several licensed signage items in the Lionel LLC era, most notably a 12" in diameter heavy-duty chrome-plated neon tube clock for the Century Club gift collection marketed by Ace Products Management Group, Inc.
Unlike the #6-1076 item for Lionel® dealers only, neon clock #LC98-80007 was available in 1997 to Century Cluba„? members.
The neon clocks used solid state electronic transformers (the new ZW perhaps?).
We painted some with glossy orange, glossy light blue, glossy dark blue, black crinkle finish, blue crinkle finish, glossy red and made up different neon combinations with the different color cases. The Lionel service station clock was made available through Lionel to their service stations only and was not allowed to be sold any other way. Although originally offered only to dealers, an interesting assortment to collect for that Lionel® Service Station you always wanted to own and operate. Now only if I could get that darn Madison Hardware sign to stay on my wall! If that is what gave this clock such a nice wood finish, I'm going to have to get some of it! This clock is modest of style, but mighty of sound and it makes me very happy every time it sounds it's gong.

Ce montant inclut les droits de douane, les taxes, les frais de courtage et les autres frais applicables. Items packed with much care and sent via signed-for, tracked and insured international colissimo.
There was only 2 American Flyer sample clocks made and they were sold the same time as the Lionel clocks. Farmington Hills, Michigan and were made of lightweight nylon and used operating fluorescent lamps, had a rounded corner in either a portrait or landscape orientation, and a hinged frame design that allowed for easy replacement of the face panels or bulbs with no tools required. I added a label direction copy to the inside of the rear door where they were originally affixed. 1, third edition, page 164.The quarter hour is sounded with 4 notes, the half with 8 notes, the three quarter hour with 12 notes and the full 16 note Westminster chime is played at the top of ever hour. Contactez le vendeur- la page s'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenA?tre ou un nouvel onglet pour connaA®tre les modes de livraison disponibles vers votre destination. There was 1 design for the Lionel face for both size clocks and 2 different designs for the American Flyer version clock.
The reference number you have for the Lionel clock from Great American is probably a number they used for internal purposes. The regular production Lionel clocks had either a white or orange neon tube inside and a glossy black finish to the metal case with an unpainted aluminum backing.

All in neon held onto a plexiglas sheet with the transformer for the neon bolted to the bottom to make the sign self standing or it could be hung if desired.
The American Flyer clocks had a white or blue neon tube and glossy red metal case with an unpainted aluminum backing. The prototype for the Lionel sign was made on a wire frame while the production pieces were made on the plexiglass.
6 Marine Wardroom Clock (1941) by Seth ThomasSharon Steeple Clock (2007) by Hermle (Seth Thomas Reproduction)Regulator No. There were about 12 pre-production samples made with different color cases and different color neon tubes which were sold at a York meet. The records are not available at this time so I cannot tell you the numbers but they were only on the outer brown shipping boxes or the wooden frames that were used for the Lionel sign. The pre-production samples were made to determine the most popular color combinations and neon. There were approximately 500 service station clocks made, 500 20 inch Lionel clocks, 500 Lionel 14 inch clocks, 100 AF 20 inch clocks and 75 AF 14 inch clocks with an equal amount of the 2 designs made.

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