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Product DescriptionWe are pleased to offer you this beautiful authentic reproduction of a Lionel Electric Trains Model Railroad Accessories vintage logo advertising sign. Click on a bin to view parts in that category!Parts starting with A-Z will be under Letters.Click on part numbers in blue to view pictures.
Based on a GE EP-5 Rectifier prototype, Lionel’s version lacked the six-wheel trucks that were used by the railroads, but was otherwise an accurate miniaturization of this electric engine.
A growing problem in the aging of these units is the stress placed on the ends that mount to the chassis. It is difficult today to find one of these units that does not show flaking and loss of portions of the GN decal on the ends.
This engine will run equally well on O27 Gauge track as well as the larger radius of O Gauge track. Well loved among train enthusiasts and little kids alike, Lionel Electric Trains, recently opened its first pop up retail shop in Rockefeller Center.
Because of its high traffic location, this pop up shop in the heart of midtown attracted a flock of tourists and shoppers.  The Lionel store featured various train sets, including an impressive set that was activated with the push of a button.

The Lionel Train Store will be open until January 5th, 2010 and will feature hundreds of toy trains, accessories and collectibles. Three YELLOW stripes traverse the side between the GREEN and ORANGE colors that were painted on the GRAY body. This, and tension induced by the insertion of the oversized headlight lens has caused cracks on the ends and degradation of the nose decals.
These original decals have often been replaced either by reproduction water-transfer decals, or those that use adhesive-backed paper. From 25 Watts to 275 Watts, a Lionel transformer could be found for every power requirment from simple circles of track to extensive railroads.
All of the transformers that have more than 90 Watts are in great demand today as more collectors are operating retro-layouts. Use this index to see additional details about the individual transformers issued by Lionel during the post-war period. This engine featured twin operating pantographs and magnetic operating couplers, lighted at both ends, a three position directional unit that controls a single vertical worm drive motor, operating horn, and Magnetraction.

Collectors should note that removal of the original decal also removes some of the surrounding paint. Reproduction shells use a silk-screen process so collectors should examine these shells to make sure that the lettering was pressed into the plastic shell. This removal reveals the gray plastic body beneath and is a sure sign of decal replacement. The higher powered units would not meet todays’ safety standards as issued by Underwriters Laboratories.

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