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I have figured out what is wrong with my brain!  On the left side nothing works right, and on the right side there is nothing left!
I had a few Lionel HO items from their first go-around with the scale circa 1960, all long since gone.
A hopper car of a paint scheme I can no longer recall (Alaska Railroad?) had nicely sprung metal trucks with an interesting bolster system. Somewhere I have an HO scale switchman's shanty with a switchman who pops out when a train is nearby -- an HO version of one of their O scale action accessories. Made that 3 times because in the 90s (?)they made a ho scale turbine that IIRC either didnt sell well or made too many that were heavily discounted atcsome point. Their HO trains were due to the enormous leap in HO's popularity after WWII and a fall off in the O scale line. You did realize that site is where I got the Lionel ad I linked to in my post from last Friday (3 or so posts above this)?Guess in future posts I'll have to link to the home page of interesting sites in addition to the page in question.
O O27 atomic number 67 N G Large Scale S TT Other Scales Layouts Holiday Layouts racetrack plans for display layouts and running trains under the Christmastime tree.

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