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Memphis trennt sich von Hollins: Trotz der erfolgreichsten Saison der Franchise-Geschichte werden die Memphis Grizzlies die kommende Spielzeit mit einem neuen Trainer angehen. Erstmals in der 18-jA¤hrigen Klubgeschichte hatten die Grizzlies in dieser Saison die Conference Finals erreicht, waren dort aber an den San Antonio Spurs (0:4) gescheitert.
Strafen fA?r drei Klubs: Die Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets und eine dritte, bislang unbekannte Franchise wurden von der NBA zu Geldstrafen verurteilt.
All signs point to Lionel Hollins, who was inexplicably fired after a 56-win season in Memphis, to become the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, replacing Jason Kidd, who has to be wondering why he’s now the coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. He also said after a second meeting with Hollins he will determine if there is a need to interview any other prospects.
ESPN reports that the Nets and Hollins are finalizing a multiyear agreement that will pay him an annual salary in excess of $4 million.

Hollins, who won a championship as a player with the Portland Trail Blazers in 1976, led the Grizzlies to consecutive playoff appearances in his last three seasons with the team. He surely is thanking, at least silently, Kidd for bungling a power play that led to him coaching the Bucks, who was the worst team in the NBA last season. The Nets did not blink and traded him to the Bucks for two second-round draft picks, opening the way for Hollins. About Curtis BunnCurtis Bunn is national award-winning sports journalist and best-selling novelist who has covered and written about sports' largest events and personalities for more than three decades at The Washington Times, NY Newsday, The New York Daily News and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In 2012-13, his last year at the helm, the Grizzlies won 56 games and advanced all the way to the Western Conference finals. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same.

Von 2001 bis 2005 war er fA?r die Portland Trail Blazers tA¤tig, danach stand er vier Jahre bei den Philadelphia 76ers unter Vertrag. In dieser Zeit hatte Cheeks, der zuletzt bei Oklahoma City Thunder als Co-Trainer gearbeitet hat, aber nur dreimal die Playoffs erreicht. Neben Bulls-Trainer Tom Thibodeau und Pelicans-Coach Monty Williams ist auch Syracuse' Jim Boeheim wieder im Team.

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