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The NIT won't see this many seconds on the shot clock during its 2015 postseason tournament. With scoring plunging to historic lows, the NCAA said Friday it will experiment with a shorter shot clock at this year's NIT to see if that can jumpstart college basketball's lagging offense. The tournament will feature a 30-second shot clock instead of the traditional 35-second clock that has been in play since 1993, with officials examining the effect on the games and taking the data to the men's basketball rules committee for review in May.
The NCAA will also expand the restricted area under the basket from 3 feet to 4 feet to see if it curbs the amount of collisions at the rim.
Last year, Division I men's teams averaged 67.5 points per game, the lowest number since the 1951-52 season. When current Brooklyn Nets coach Lionel Hollins coached the Memphis Grizzlies in 2011, he said he couldn't even watch his son Austin play for the University of Minnesota because the college game was too boring.

Badgers coach Bo Ryan has used the slow-down tactics to great success, including last year's run to the Final Four and a 20-2 start this year that has Wisconsin ranked No. Years ago, the NCAA would occasionally test out potential rules changes in tournaments like the preseason NIT or the Maui Invitational. Download the new FOX Sports App to get the latest news and scores from your College Basketball team. Coaches who play in the tournament will be surveyed about their experience, and the rules committee will look at all the data to consider future rules changes, which could be adopted as soon as May if they gain enough support. The 35-second clock and a more physical style of play that has evolved over time are among the biggest factors coaches point to when identifying reasons for the decline. But those events have become high-profile showcases in this day and age, so coaches have generally preferred to experiment in exhibition games that usually feature overmatched opponents from lower divisions.

It could also bring new interest to a venerable event that goes largely unnoticed on the national scene while March Madness hogs the spotlight.
Wisconsin ranks 39th in the country at 74.4 points per game this season, but many teams at schools both big and small have employed a more deliberate offensive system over the years to neutralize athletic shortcomings.

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