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Sad to see the cafe go, but after giving it several tries, it never gelled for me as a must-go destination. While the gelato was good, the rest of the menu wasn’t focused enough to create a sense of place. People go to Starbucks because it does a good job of being solid and predictable — you know what you get when you go there.

Perhaps everyone else is being trained like sheep and herding over to Starbucks, meanwhile I’m waiting for my cuppa java in line with the other independent farm animals over at Smart World! Atmosphere?  Cheery, with a faux fireplace in a cozy back alcove that was ideal for first dates.  There even was a working train set on the ceiling. But SmartWorld succeeds alongside it because it also does a great job of giving you a focused menu and a solid consistent personality.

And I’ll miss the very independently spirited Cafe, their excellent menu and spirited service.

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