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If you grew up in the '80s, you probably remember hearing Lionel Richie love songs like "Truly" and "Hello" or watching your parents dance closely to his calypso-inspired dance track "All Night Long." Richie's high baritone tapped into our deepest desires and continues to make us yearn for soothing sounds. The Alabama-born singer, who got his start with The Commodores in the mid-1960s, has built a long-lasting career with his incomparable songwriting skills.
Having spent several decades in the spotlight, Richie has experimented with just about every trend.

So in honor of Lionel Richie's 64th birthday today (June 20), we've decided to round up his juiciest Jheri curl moments.
Richie is known for penning hits, including Kenny Rogers' "Lady," Diana Ross' "Missing You" (a tribute to Marvin Gaye) and "We Are The World" (the inspirational record he co-wrote with Michael Jackson). The curl-loosening hair treatment, which was popular among the African-American community and '70s and '80s musical acts, is marked by its super wet finish.

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