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Customers who bought this product also commonly purchased the following combination of items. Operators looking for a more modern feel may find the Contemporary version of this locomotive more appealing.
In an age of outlandish advertising copy, the "Brute" surely would have inspired some of the greatest flights of fancy ever to grace a catalog page - had it ever been manufactured. Standard Gauge Solarium State Car - Great Northern Car Name: Blackfoot Glacier In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the standard gauge tinplate passenger cars, known as "State Cars," were among the best and most detailed mass-produced toy trains ever built.

First produced in 1929, each car featured hinged roofs, lighted interiors, multiple layered window treatments, rotating seats, lavatories, even working toilet lids!
Debuting in 2000, the Solarium Car sports several dining areas and a kitchen--complete with stove and refrigerator.
Like all MTH Tinplate trains, the #9E is a precise reproduction of the Standard Gauge classic.
Measuring 21 inches long and standing 7 inches high, each car weighed almost 6 pounds and can trimmed in brass. One end of the car features wide, solarium-type windows, offering easy viewing of the unique car interior.

The body and chassis are made entirely of stamped metal and all painted surfaces are finished in vibrant baked enamel. Brightly painted and highly prized, State Cars are among the most valued toy trains in the world. While the original Brute never turned a wheel on an actual layout, we've engineered our model to run on Standard Gauge track so you can experience what Joshua Lionel Cowen dreamed of: the Brute heading up a string of tinplate varnish as it was intended to do.

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