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AA Model Train Repair has been selected for the 2015 Best of Largo Awards for Model Trains. This is one of the few parts where Lionel did not add a suffix to the end to denote the changes made to it, but we did. We have quite a few of these trucks, some have a bright nickel drawbar and some have a black drawbar. This particular steam chest was issued in 1953, was painted black giving it semi-gloss finish and used exclusively on the 2037.

Some rear trucks mount directing to the rear of the motor housing, while others are mounted to the small tang at the bottom of this truck plate. This was the last of the 2026-54 steam chests issued during the postwar period.Not sure which steam chect you need?
If the rear truck on your locomotive mounts to the rear of the motor housing, then use truck bracket and drawbar number 1666E-37X. Click here!  This will open a browser window that will allow you to determine which of the 5 steam chests matches your engine.

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