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Hey, you can only buy 3 of these.Leave some for the rest of us!Update the quantity in your cart. In fact, have you ever wondered why the rail system in America is so much more neglected than the rail system in the rest of the world? Thomas the Tank Engineā„¢ and his faithful coaches Annie and Clarabel are ready for duty on your layout with his very own blue remote.
We don't recommend you base your self-worth on how often we feature your comments, but we don't expressly forbid it either. This Thomas and Friends train has a flawless paint job, and it looks great as it circles around the track. The Thomas and Friends train is not only one of the most popular trains around, but it has one of the best paint jobs of all trains we reviewed. This electric train set has a speaker built into the locomotive that chuffs along when it's in operation. Aside from the interchangeable facial expressions, this toy train set only comes with Thomas, two train cars and no additional accessories.

The Thomas and Friends LionChief set features the classic Thomas locomotive and his friends Annie and Clarabel. The track boasts three rails instead of two, and all the wheels of the train have to be on the track properly or the train will not run. This train set is a favorite in train set communities but doesn’t include any additional figurines or accessories to decorate your train set with. This gives you the ability to separately operate multiple LionChief train sets on the same track using different remotes. The locomotive also comes with three interchangeable facial expressions that you can snap into place.
The engine chuffing and whistle sound good, but when the train starts moving fast enough, the noise of the wheels on the track begin to overpower the speaker.
Even though these are snap-together track pieces, they take a little more force to push together compared to other tracks we assembled.
However, this locomotive has special features and sound effects that will make both adults and children excited.

Suddenly it's a whole new kettle of fish, and that kettle of fish is leaving on Track 9 at 1:20pm!
Trains that shout out "All aboard!" before zipping down the Fastrack Track to and from their destination. Although Thomas has many working features, this train does not puff smoke or have an operating headlight.
Each of the passenger cars has faces painted on the front of them that are smooth and highly detailed.

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