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If anyone has information regarding this Lionel O Gauge Scenery Item please contact me so that I can update this description. Lionel has been making exquisite train sets and accessories since when trains were in their heyday. Covering several track styles, Lionel’s train selection ranges from old timey, up to super modern bullet trains (as well as Thomas and Friends!).
Augment their accessories (and save some dough) by crafting your own landscape and printing out your own props and buildings… with a good color printer, some foam core, and your imagination you can create an awesome train set!
The three rail system that Lionel used gave them an advantage in development of these accessories. Initially, many of the pre-war accessories were adapted to work with in the post-war era by changing the couplers on the cars.
Lionel would create many specialized cars to work with these accessories and these are listed in the Operating Cars section. The accessories are listed in numerical order by Lionel’s production number which is shown on the accessory. I’m talking this vintage lionel train sets morning as this respect to interesting can have.

Competition was fierce during these years and nowhere did the true genius of Lionel’s design staff shine more than in this area. They could with minimal electrical wiring, among other choices, cause crossing lights to flash, block signals to change color when occupied by a train, and allow these trains stop automatically in front of stations.
These early accessories were of all metal construction and they dumped logs and coal into line side bins.
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Later accessories would have busy workers loading and unloading miniature cargos of all types, from logs to barrels and coal, to ice cubes and many others. The cars that worked with these accessories are listed in the Military & Space Cars section. I love interesting is working at home with your stuff then the Vintage Lionel Train Accessories chances of experiencing that working.

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