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We finally found the old set where my dad's mom had left it, casually thrown into big cardboard boxes in a dark storage room in the back of the basement.
Also included in this page is postwar items that I've added in recent years, thanks mostly to ebay! The original Lionel O-27 track - I'd say that about 95% of the original tracking was rusted and useless. Other than some scratches and other physical wear and tear, this engine was functioning perfectly when I found it and still runs like a champ to this day. This was also in good operating condition when I found it, but had lots of external blemishes.
When the set was taken from my grandparents' house, my uncle grabbed the locomotive from this set for sentimental reasons.
Built in March of 1956, I got this car off of ebay from a postwar train warehouse here in the Atlanta area. This was one of the gems of my dad's collection and is one of my favorite pieces all around.
A few of them remained in operation on my set for several years, but they have all now been replaced by standard O gauge switches made by Atlas.
For some reason, I've always had a preference for diesel engines, so the old 2025 steamer hasn't gotten much run time.
I've never seen the engine that he took, but I'm told that it was the Postwar Dreyfus steamer. One of the trucks was broken and the shell of the car was broken off from the base with the screw holes shredded.
One was the 3472 operating milk car that had those little milk jugs that the figure grabs and releases. This car is not very rare at all, from what I've seen, and can be picked up very inexpensively. These old gondola cars are usually very inexpensive, and I've found them to be a cost friendly way of adding some sheer numbers to my freight line. I've got a a new Lionel Archive Collection clone of this car that makes a nice companion to this one.

This thing works fine, but for some reason, I've never really put into operation on the layout.
Other than a few paint drops on the roof (which I an slowly getting rid of), the thing works and has always worked perfectly. I've recently been able to order replacement parts for it and I've almost go this jewel back in working order. I'm in the process of figuring out how to make them work correctly with the new infrared sensors instead of those old clunky track sensor devices.
The original tower that my dad had was red and the 2 recent additions are both metalic colored.
I don't know what it is, but all mother's seem to have this built-in talent for casually trashing anything a kid has that will one day be worth loads of cash.
Currently, it's in a few pieces on my workbench while I fix the smoke unit and order some replacement wheels for the back. I had to put a new cable line onit and it's got a few scratches here and there and some rust on the trucks. This car is missing the little yellow radar dish that comes with it, but I have ordered a replacement. Twisting the nose of the ship winds up a rubber band inside and the, with the flick of a switch, the propellor on the back spins around for a few seconds. However, MTH makes a really pretty Union Pacific stock car, so I will probably end up getting those instead. I replaced the spout once back in 1990, but it broke in storage so I've got to get another one at some point.
This station works via the same coiled metal mechanism that the water tower above works on. It is now hooked up to an infrared sensing device that works so much better than those old track sensors. How many mothers over the years have tossed a postwar Lionel set into the back room as if it were a pair of old gym shoes? I replaced the bad truck and, after some serious surgery on the shell's screw holes, I was able to get this car back into good working order.
The firing mechanism on this thing is pretty cool and it launches the missle with considerable force!

The missle on this car is missing the little nose cone, so I'll have to try to find a replacement for it. Instead of blinking a light, however, it regulates the speed of the train as it approaches the station. In retrospect, a bad idea, but since I am never going to sell it I'm not losing any sleep over it. How many moms out there mindlessly threw away that Marvel comic #1 that would be worth a zillion dollars now or the original Luke Skywalker action figure that would be pricesless now?
Yeah, I've probably decreased the value slightly by fixing it, but since I never plan on selling any of this stuff anyway I really don't care. Anyway, somewhere along the line the operating car got destroyed and all I have left of that now is the shell. Yeah, in retrospect, it probably wasn't a good idea but as I've said before I have no plans of ever selling this stuff so it doesn't really matter anyway. However, I recently bought another 3472 on ebay that's in beautiful condition and works perfectly.
I'm not sure of the exact build date, but it's plastic door indicates production after 1951. Family members ransacked the house, taking whatever was willed to them and bargaining for anything that was not. I slowly began the immense task of sorting through the boxes and piecing the set back together.
As a 14 year old kid, though, I couldn't give a rat's ass about who got the dining room table or the china set. In the space below, you can find a detailed account of my experience with the old postwar set. There are several other old Lionel accessories (and probably some new too) that work in this way.

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