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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. But in 2010, Lionel hired a team in this small northeastern Ohio town that had been fixing its trains (and others as well) as a private business.
AA Model Train Repair has been selected for the 2015 Best of Largo Awards for Model Trains.
It has fans (and customers) just about everywhere, and its products can sell for hundreds of dollars. They were so good at the job that just three years later, they've gotten the turnaround time on repairs down to about a week, created a fully-functional automated customer service system, and found a way to keep the company from manufacturing unnecessary duplicate parts.

AAMTR would like to announce that Lionel National Train day is coming up fast on December 5th!! For the celebration we will offer 10% to 30% off some of our Lionel products in our wonderful store! That's because, he told me, the major source of the parts they use to fix the thousands of locomotives, freight and passenger cars, and other products that come in throughout the year is brand-new sets they buy from Lionel's manufacturer, and returns that they strip. All told, the facility stocks about 120,000 different parts, stored in countless bins on site, large and small, and in a big warehouse nearby. That's why the facility has shelves full of mint-condition shells and chassis that can be used to make the problem product like new again.

Tearing down kits When you walk into the Canfield facility, one of the first thing you see is a large stack of sampler kits. These are what Hull's team buys from Lionel's manufacturers, and it's one technician's job to open the kits, and pull them apart, collecting all the pieces and sorting them for use in future repairs.
This is new to Lionel, though it's hard to imagine a company with its reputation not having had such a system in place for years.

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