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The UCS sections of track would be produced up until the end of the Post War Period in 1969 with the exception of the year 1967. This part of the website shows I do have some diversity of thought when it comes to hobbies . Although the #675 is a bit shorter than the #2055, it's about 20% heavier, weighing 4 pounds 8 oz. The #2055 pictured below featured a diecast boiler similar to the #675 but slightly longer, it's biggest practical differences vs. Today, only six Nickel Plate and two Pere Marquette Berkshires have survived into preservation. The Santa Fe F3 set in the following photo was cab #26 built in 1948 and served as the example Lionel used to build their model version.  Pretty darned close in my opinion! My Lionel #6250 is the most common of 3 variations produced, with the Seaboard name in fragile DECAL vs.
The twin motors equipped with flywheels enable incremental speed increases from a dead crawl to cannonball.

Though 16 years old upon purchase, it was NOS and with a bit of lubrication ran great from day 1. My model steam and model railroading hobbies are now well intermingled and I enjoy them both to the fullest.
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If you are the winner you will be entered into a legal & binding contract with the SELLER to purchase this item. UCS was required after Lionel introduced the magnetic coupler that were used with Staple-End Trucks in 1949. 6019-16 instruction sheet that was produced during these years was shared with the O27 Gauge equivalent version No.
Early sections had a RED electro magnet, while those issued during the latter part of the Post War Era would have a BLACK electro magnet. The Temple of Steam is an "inclusive" sort of place where I like to hang out with my ALL of my toys.

With rubber traction tires, this engine is quite a bit quieter in operation than any others I have.
Prior to the development of the magnetic coupler all of the equipment that Lionel made were uncoupled electronically with the use of the No. A four line flat cable connected the track to its controller that performed both the uncoupling and unloading functions for all of Lionel’s rolling stock that were equipped with either electronic coil or magnetic operating couplers. UCS-40, is the same as what was used on the RCS sections except for the identification plate on the bottom.

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