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So to hopefully benefit everyone that visits our site we have posted this additional section to show the connection and the hook that ties them together.
If thats out of your reach, they could be held together with a zip tie or a hose clamp even.
Since it was obviously made to be maintained, I opened the transmission and cleaned out all the old white grease.

The motor works and the whistle blows when power is applied, but I'm not sure the little connector board is going to make good contact.
However, it looks like there is a 6V Electric Fence battery available from Tractor Supply (Click Here). I've seen it at our Tractor Supply and the physical size appears right and at 14AmpHR it should be enough to tote the toddlers.

Little Tykes, while still in business, has discontinued this toy and has disavowed itself of anything to do with it.

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