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The final order of fifty of the class were delivered in 1949 by North British Locomotive to the design of then Chief Mechanical Engineer, Dr M.M.
The 6J can trace its lineage back to the original 6th Class designed by Locomotive Superintendent, M. Between 1954 and 1956, Beyer Peacock, North British Locomotive and Henschel delivered 150 of this class to the South African Railways. This page provides a directory of live steam and garden railroad suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, including Gauge 1, 2?, 3?, 4?, 7?, 7?, 10?, and 15 inch gauge live steam trains.
Some scenes of Germany's big exhibition about live steam and real steam model trains, model railroad and model railway. My father built a Z gauge railway to fit inside a desk drawer,complete with scenery.He said it was a wonderful way to relieve the stress of work. Z-scale is neat, but the selection is quite limited, very expensive and in my opinion, the track is pretty lousy.
It had to be able to survive being carefully vacuumed as old dusty model railroad layouts look like crap. I started out with decent, but not fancy trains and learned how to buy and sell them on eBay.
The other thing that helps is that modern, high-end locos run very smoothly and will do it at very slow speeds, if desired. Kato, the best known Japanese manufacturer, has adopted modular systems, since many of the modelers there don't have room for a fixed layout.
Video of Nozomi train running about 220 scale mph and passing an ore train (no, I don't know how a bullet train wound up in the American mountains, but until I build their own track they'll have to co-exist at times). I own one of these and it's pretty tricky to learn to drive, but I'm getting the hang of it. If I'd grown up in a railroading family rather than a merchant marine family, I guess I'd have been a model railroader! Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. The class consisted of the GMAM, for operation on mainlines as denoted by the M at the end. Three of the class are now owned by the Welsh Highland Railway for use on its Caernarfon to Porthmadoc route. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.

It needs work anyway, so why not put a little N gauge model railway on top and on top of that a glass cover?
The rails are just too big to really be believable in scale and it's often a pretty lumpy ride.
There is now an oak box on the living room wall about 6" deep and about the size of a fireplace mantle that has trains running across it forming the loop at one end and I chopped off the top of one of my wife's kitchen cabinets (had to promise to build a new one) to form a platform with a tiny lake and an island on it at the far end of the railroad. I bought things that were undervalued and made sure that anything I sold had a good listing that brought in what it was really worth.
I sold off my Fleischmann ICE, high-speed German train because it looked kind of silly against my scenery, but I miss it and plan to eventually replace it because it was really neat - even if it looked out of place on my layout.
They start with really good track with solid joiners and built-in roadbed and then have all kinds of structures on built-in bases that go with it.
This was an N Scale track laying and ballasting test sample done on a scrap of Home Depot Oak baseboard. This is probably the nicest N Scale logging layout I've seen, with short, low-speed trains made up of a few log cars and a Shay logging locomotive surrounded by lots of trees and rustic structures. Although the locomotive was the same as the previous version, they differed by having a large cylindrical tender of the Vanderbilt type running on two three axle bogies. By moving baffles in the coal tender and water tank the capacity could be reduced to 11,6 tons of coal and 1650 gallons of water from 14 tons and 2100 gallons for branch line operation, for track laid with 60lb rail.The locomotives were superheated and used the latest technology available at the time with one piece cast steel frames, roller bearing axle boxes, and Walschaerts valve gear. My wife reminded me that we were planning on gutting my office and remodeling it and suggested that drywall dust all over the layout might be a real mess. N scale has better detail, much better track, still fits in a small space if you can figure out what to do with the turning radius and the good equipment runs very smoothly and quietly - so N Scale was the obvious choice.
The rest of the layout is inside the office and nearly all of it runs along the top of the 12" deep bookcases.
The base-plate is also styrofoam, glued down with water-based contact cement (great stuff and no fumes).
I slowly worked my way up to the really good stuff and augmented the cash flow by buying, detailing and weathering or repainting steam locomotives so that they looked more realistic and then re-selling them.
The layout can either be fixed to a board or just set in place on the floor and at the end of the day, packed-up into a box for storage.
The Loco and tender are 16' long, weigh 2,500 pounds and will pull about 25 cars loaded with kids. These tenders gave the locomotives a muchincreased range between water stops in arid parts of the country.

They were designed for service on the Natal South Coast, but were eventually found operating on the Underberg and Greytown branches as well as Nelspruit-Graskop branch line. These locomotives always trailed an auxiliary water tank, to increase the distance between water stops.
So, the first month was spent working on walls, the ceiling, wiring, new lighting, refinishing the oak floor and building some slightly modified bookcases with rounded corners. Total square footage is about the same as a piece of plywood 4' by 7' would have, but I managed to fit two parallel loops of track, each about 39' long (almost 1.2 scale miles each) and a couple of modest sidings on it. It is kind of a geek hobby and between you and me, some of the hard-core modelers are pretty spooky, but my grandpa was a conductor, so I guess it's in my blood and it is fun to sit here and watch the trains go by when I'm supposed to be working. The roadbed and track are also glued down with the contact cement and the ballast is fixed with diluted white glue. I'll eventually put something back down there along a couple of walls for running N Scale bullet trains or British OO Gauge live steam - both of which need some space. They were the last Garratt s in service on the SAR, and were still in industrial service up to the end of the 20th Century. I wanted something where the trains would actually go away and come back, rather than the typically boring small circle.
Must be strange to have to go out and buy a trailer with brakes, just to carry your model train. These were very versatile locomotives and were used across the entire SAR network, and were one of the last classes to be withdrawn with the end revenue steam operations on the SAR.
A The locomotives used Stephensons valve gear and the last of the Class was withdrawn from service at Bethlehem in 1972. But there is a special kind of model railroading that creates shiver: Live steam trains and real steam locomotives. I wasn't interested in stations to stop at or a lot of switching, just an occasional train going by as I worked at my desk.
Simple countryside scenery would be the rule, with only a few buildings or structures as points of interest.

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