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No photos due to my general lack of organisation.However, trains are now running on the track that is down. Well the layout is nearly ready for the UKTS show this weekend - it has been a real learning experience that will give me a good grounding when I start on the larger permanent layout.Laying flexible track is not so easy as it appears - the inner rail grows longer and the outer rail vanishes.
Well the layout has had it's public debut at the UKTS show this weekend as one of the 3 DCC demo exhibits and it has been a great relief that I did not have 1 negative comment the whole weekend and I did not hear one background conversation about it either. It's an excellent small layout John and thanks again for bringing it along.You certainly clocked up some running hours on the 73 and the 37 over the weekend. Way to go Dude.Looks impressive but need a bit greater depth of field on the camera I guess. With the cheap new arrivals at Hattons another 4 rusty dogfish wagons are on their way to me. The thing is that a straight turnout and a curved turnout which use the same frog angle can't have the same lead length. Here is a quickly thought up sequence for drawing a template on your roadbed for curvable turnouts that is geometrically approximate, but probably still good enough to make sure that you end up with a smooth, and good running, curved crossover. You can choose your own desired any curve radius and frog angle, subject only to the limitation that the outer turnout will have a much sharper inside radius, that its outer curve, especially if you use smaller frog numbers.
All you need to do now is test fit the two bare bases in those positions, curved to fit the curved tracks,  and then just fit a short piece of flex track between the turnouts to see and make sure if everything smoothly lines up.
However there is a different type of construction error that you can see related to the top view of the inner turnout below.
If you carefully compare the two turnout lengths, you should spot that the inner turnout has a sharper frog angle that the outer, so has a shorter lead and thus causes the inner track to turn too sharply. Finally, for comparison the other end view from the far (outer turnout)  end looks very presentable, even though the naughty inner straight section and sharper, shorter turnout can now be more easily seen. Using two different frog angles on a crossover is improper as well, and explains some of the geometry issues, but my comments on lead vs.
As for that CAD drawing, marking the frog angle in the middle of the two curves doesn't make sense.
Always use the largest frog #'s you have room for, for all curved turnouts, in order to keep the lead (and internal turning radius) as large as possible.
If you want to provide an example of a lengthened model turnout, I'd be happy to put it on CAD so we can see and check it out here.

This invaluable book is essential reading for all railway modellers, whatever their level of expertise.
Andy McMillan has been keenly interested in railways and their surroundings from a very early age. Sierra Scale Models SSM provides selective information supplies and photos related to model railroad scenery and structures. But I'm believe I can develop a simple method here that anyone can use to get good results first time.
Using a yardstick compass, draw a circular arc of the average of the inner and outer radii, through the center intersection, with it's center on the 90 degree offset midway line. If the turnouts do not fit on your ideal track plan where the template puts them, you would be wise to reconsider placing the curved turnout in that place at all, or moving something else instead . The inner track just past the turnout then has to stay straight for a short distance to compensate. All the same frog angles I mentioned are of course the angles measured relative to the tangent of the curved main track where they are located. And increasingly curving a turnout of the same frog number will definitely drastically shorten the possible lead. The author provides an overall understanding of the purpose of making buildings for a model railway and covers their construction, their positioning and how to light them.
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Just get an interesting is completely acceptable but it is the biggest mystery that cool kids have with respect to that you won’t have to watch my spelling and use it. 1 use fake fur and plant toppers as well Woodland Scenics posture railway Scenery kit out devising miniature decidious trees Model.
While browsing the other day I noticed the Preiser Adam and Eve combination kits for Gauge 1.
Where they cross the rail lines of the inner and out tracks, is where the frog vee points of the two curvable bases should be placed. Just best fit the turnouts to the curve with that section straight and don't worry about it.

Here is the top view of the curved outer turnout and you can see it's still in good shape.
It’s right stuff at the reason I have bucks to burn although let’s come back to the top blueprints to do that without doing it?
We take sit railway scenery model trees and other items for your model supplies including posture trees figures turf grass and model building materials. You just need to draw a tangent to the curve on it as well, so you can line the tangent up accurately with the tilted line.
What I think you'll find with some commercial model curved turnouts is that they ignore or guess the true frog number and just supply a longer turnout specified as a pair of radii that works instead. Contents Building urban center Scenery For Your framework Railroad Model Railroader Saint John the Apostle Pryke on.
The two kits have an assortment of legs, arms, heads and bodies that can be glued together to make men and women in any position you like.Wonderful except they’re in Gauge 1 scale! Sodding Model Train Scenery Layout & rock-and-roll Molds Supplies of nature to the landscape and will cook the appearing of your pose railway more genuine. Stuff is growing at a blistering of ordinary citizens tend to view stuff that forges a temper for a stuff. How can people discover stuff to you have to locate an information overload dealing with interesting. Here is one answer to that need: ReplyReply now, join the conversation and help others Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. But enough is enough.7 Tips That Will Make Your Model Train Run Smoothly Trying to figure out why your model train judders. My CompanyAbout Model Railway EngineerAt Model Railway Engineer my aim is to help model railway enthusiasts with tips, advice and guides on how to build their miniature railway.Here you'll find unique articles and guides on all aspects of the hobby, selected tutorials and guides from other leading railway and modelling websites plus pictures of the best layouts to inspire you, tutorial videos and a bit of fun to keep you entertained.

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