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I have spent many hours creating, designing and then finally making many of my model buildings from scratch using the very same PDF files I have created for others now to use if they wish.
This latest N Gauge plan for a Suffolk pink thatched cottage, garage and garden is in a simple print and build format. This is the Suffolk Pink Cottage and garage included in my free PC Windows program, N Gauge Model Planner. Laser cutting has many applications in the field of architecture, specifically through model making. If you are an architect or architecture student in the NYC area looking for consulting around laser cutting or just want to have some pre-prepared files cut, let us know! ShareThisOver the past couple of weeks I have been reading a lot about Detailing your structures. Here are some examples of orential rugs I found and shrank down to fit I put just more than 100 for you to use.
Now you can take these and resize them to any size you need and glue them to walls or floors as needed as Orential rugs are used on both.

Now if you go to wall paper manufactures and panneling manufactures on the internet you can copy & paste make duplicate pastes placeing one next to the other until you fill a page. These being full pages you can mix and match with a dozen or so wallpapers I've made and miniturized. Not only cheap but very easy and the method is not limited just to interior detail you can use it to create signs , building flats etc. As you can see I have made more than one of some, in fact you could make a whole village with my one pack of 9 buildings. Architecture requires the incredible precision and digital design compatibility that laser cutting is well equipped to handle. We're here to help you make your project a reality with the power and accuracy of industrial strength laser cutting.
I found a few major things you can add to the interiors of offices or homes that are within close visability of visitors. Then shrink down their example photos and make complete pages of wood interior panneling for the walls in your models.

A friend built a chinese restaurant for his layout complete with a menu board done this way. The internet and all it's advertisers give us unlimited applacations that we can use and find to use. We’ve worked with several architectural firms in the past to refine designs for the laser cutting process, select appropriate materials and create high-quality, client ready models of buildings, homes and landscapes. See the following White Oak Panneling I made and shrank down and Duplicated over ond over until I had a full page: If you want more examples let me know and I'll post full pages of pine, Oak , Cherry, Ash and others I've made. There are photos of interiors at all the lumber and hardware sites that can be used by pasting on interior walls to give the look of a home when you look in the windows of our structures.

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